Monday, 30 April 2018

Lady Skater Wrap Dress

Oh hey there!  You may have seen over on my IG that I've finally stopped talking about modifying the Lady Skater bodice into a wrap front bodice and actually done it. Wonders never cease.  The first attempt was a very wearable toile which taught me that I needed to add a little extra to the length of the wrap over parts to avoid a bit of pulling at the side seams and that I needed to trim a whisker off the length of the back bodice.  I also decided that I wanted to add 3/4" to the inner shoulder to make the neckline a little more modest and in doing so also raised the back neckline by roughly the same. 

My modified front bodice piece now looks like this:

If you are familiar with the Lady Skater dress by Kitschy Coo you'll probably notice that the shoulders on my pattern piece look nothing like your pattern piece - I have narrow, short shoulders so these have been adjusted accordingly, it's a standard adjustment for me.

The reason behind my sudden flurry of wrap dress activity is the arrival of *the* most perfect fabric in the form of some awesome sport lycra kindly gifted by Spoonflower.  Nothing motivates you more than fabric sitting there looking all pretty whilst waiting for you to pull your finger out so you can wear it.  I mentioned how impressed I was with the quality of their sport lycra when I collaborated with Spoonflower previously and I am certainly not disappointed.  I have used sports fabric for a regular Lady Skater dress before, the finish of the fabric gives the resulting dress a more dressy look than cotton lycra can making it perfect for occasion wear. 

It's much nicer to wear than scuba too, I don't like wearing polyester as a rule but sports lycra is moisture wicking so you don't get that icky feeling you can get from wearing polyester and I don't get all static either.  I didn't have to make any further adjustments to compensate for the change in fabric type but do bear in mind that sports lycra is pretty unforgiving so does show wrinkles and creases more readily than a cotton lycra would.  I also decided against top stitching the neckband as stitching is more obvious on the sports lycra, they definitely sit more proudly on top of the fabric rather than sinking in and blending like they do on a jersey.

Typically it decided to rain most of the weekend so you'll have to make do with some indoor shots, trust me though the depth of colour is most impressive.  There was no fade on pre-wash and you can barely tell the difference when stretched.  This stuff is going to make such an amazing bikini, you bet I have a little more to play with. 

I'm really happy with the end result even if Gray does keep trying to wind me up by asking when I am going to go swimming in it...


*the fabric was gifted by Spoonflower, however all opinions are my own*

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  1. My favourite colour! I love this variation. I've did a similar one, but with a wider neckband (I based it on the papercut coppelia wrap top), one of my most worn dresses ;o)


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