Friday, 24 October 2014

My Jolie Candle - A Giveaway

I hadn't heard of My Jolie Candle before they contacted me asking if they could send me a gift.  I had a look at their site and loved the concept so said yes please and totally forgot about it until a package arrived.  I opened the box to be greeted by the most wonderfully thought out packaging to find not just a candle but various other treats including a personalised passport cover.  How cool!

How it works is you choose the type of jewellery (ring/bracelet/necklace) and the scent of the candle.  You find out what it contains by burning the candle and retrieving the foil package the jewellery is securely placed in.  There are 100 different styles of silver jewellery all made with Swarovski Elements crystals.  Not only that some candles contain real gold jewellery worth up to 5,000€.  There is even a instagram hashtag to share your surprise.  Such a cute concept.

I opened the candle and had a little sniff, I can confirm the rose candle smells amazing.  I wanted to know what surprise necklace the candle was hiding so promptly lit it and waited.  And I waited.  I got a bit impatient so grabbed the husband's tweezers (there was no way I was going to use mine!) and had a dig around til I managed to get hold of the foil package and pull it out.  I got a silver bow necklace with black crystals across the centre.  I can also report after running them under the hot tap Gray's tweezers are totally fine.  Haha.  The candle is burning away on my sewing desk again making it all smell lovely and floral.

The best bit is My Jolie Candle have offered up a candle containing your choice of jewellery and scent to one reader of A Million Dresses.  To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know whether you would prefer a ring, bracelet or necklace and your choice of scent along with your email address or Twitter handle.  The giveaway runs until 7th November at 6pm.  And if you get one of the real gold pieces of jewellery in yours, remember me ;) 


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wednesday Wants

I am well in to planning some of my party season dresses and am cooing over all the amazing textures and embellishments around at the moment.  I haven't had a full on sequin wow! yet but I am sure that is to come.  Party dresses are much harder to create for me than every day dresses as it is so hard to find the kind of fabric the high street uses.  Everything I find seems to be a poo-brown colour and that really isn't what I am going for!

I love the opulance of this jaquard dress from asos.  I love the detail of the added gems though I certainly wouldn't have added the two nipple placed ones!  The dress can do without that.  I think they work beautifully on the skirt though and elsewhere on the bodice. 

 Dress: asos

The addition of embellishement has given this simple dress a totally different feel.  I love how something so simple can be so effective.  It's not the right colour for me otherwise this one would defo be in my basket by now!

 Dress: asos

I feel that this dress is let down by the images.  The dress is clearly too big for the model and it is really distracting but IT IS HOLOGRAPHIC!  That has to make it a winner especially when combined with lovely length sleeves.  It's like Christmas in a dress.

Dress: asos


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fever London Stitch Up

Fever London dropped me a line asking if I would like to join them for an evening of crafting and cake.  I didn't have to think about that for long, you had me at cake! Okay so I am not that easy to entice down to London but when you throw in one of my other favourite past-times and the chance to catch up with a few blogger babes I will be there with a cherry on top.  Unfortunately the jam jars were not the only jam, my camera decided to jam and let me down the evening before so I am bringing you the best the iPhone 6 has to offer.  Forgot to take it off square images though, sorry!

Fever London are a brand I already keep my beady eye on, I have been to their London store before and love having a browse of their collection stocked at my local retailer, Aspire Style.  Their pretty dresses are right up my street, think lots of 50's silhouettes and some to die for evening wear.  And the coats.  Oh the coats.  I absolutely adore the Iris coat especially in the forest green colour way.  Drool worthy.

We kicked off the crafting by making a corsage using fabric from Fever's clothing.  I was wearing my green coat so decided that the striped chiffon was the perfect match.  Unfortunately I didn't really think through my choice of fabric, it didn't have enough body to give it any structure so I had to add lots of stitches to stop it from flopping all over the place.

I took along some of the jam jars we had left over from our wedding to decorate.  They already had the date and our names etched on them so I decided to keep it simple and just add a bit of lace and wooden heart buttons.  Using the glue gun to attach the lace was incredibly satisfying.  We all very much enjoyed getting glue all over the place. 

Finally we all made drawstring bags.  They were super easy to make and would take minutes to whip up on a sewing machine.  I decided to embellish my already busy fabric with a big bow and leave it at that.  Look at how proud Lauren is with hers! 

My two favourite pieces were the Iris coat, as mentioned above, shown below in the charcoal colour way and the Doris skirt.  I also adore the names they give their garments, my favourites all seem to have 'old lady' names. 

One thing I didn't know is Fever London have recently launched a home wear collection.  And just like their clothes it is beautiful!  I can't stop thinking about the teacup plates. 

 Lauren, Jaclyn, Sherin and I posing with our makes - photo thanks to Jaclyn

Jaclyn took lots of beautiful photos, more of which can be seen here and Fever took some funny photos of us all which can be seen here.  It was a lovely evening with great company, can we do it again soon please Fever?!


*Post in collaboration with Fever London*
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