Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Flamingo Gifts

After pretty dresses and cute fabric my next true love has to be home wares.  I love how a few new additions can totally change the feel of a room.  When Flamingo Gifts asked me to choose some items from their website to review I decided to go for a couple of home bits I had been eyeing up along with one of their gift items that I had told myself many times I need but didn't know actually existed!!

First up is this Orla Kiely plant pot, I love how Orla Kiely stuff works against orange having already bought this one for our orange and grey living room.  It adds a lovely retro vibe to our hallway and is much bolder than the plain white pot it has replaced.  I really love the Orla Kiely kitchen stuff, especially this herb planter, but unfortunately it just doesn't work with my pastel kitchen so I have to squeeze it in where I can around the rest of the house!

I'm not a massive candle fan, I think that comes partly from my parents not letting me burn them as a teenager and partly because they smell ace in the pot but not really of anything when they are burning.  I am happy to report this one is different!  I loved the cute jar and thought the flamingo would look ace alongside my pineapples anyway.  The scent of this one is scrummy!

This is that item I have always thought would be handy but didn't realise you could actually buy and that they would be so beautiful!  I got to road test it recently when we went away for Rosie's wedding.  I didn't have that 'oh yeah sure you can borrow XYZ' and hoping they wouldn't have to rummage through my pants to find it moment!  I love this Ted Baker print and have been eyeing up the rest of the collection.

I also got a burger shaped screen cleaner for my phone which I haven't photographed.  It sticks to your phone ready for when you need to clear the screen of all those finger prints and just sticks back afterwards.  It doesn't leave any sticky residue and does a good job of looking cute whilst it's at it!

If you haven't checked out the offerings from Flamingo Gifts yet I recommend you do so though allow plenty of time, there are so many lovely things you'll have a hard job in deciding what you need first!  At the top of my wishlist is this phone, how awesome will that look in the hallway?!


Friday, 24 April 2015

Mini Bag Challenge with Debenhams

I'm a big fan of the current mini bag trend, I love a good quality mini bag as much as I love a novelty bag and boy do I love a novelty bag!  With this in mind Debenhams have set me a challenge to see if I can go a whole week fitting my life in a mini bag.  That is, fitting it into a mini bag without cheating!  I can often be seen walking along swinging a mini bag and then you'll notice the rather large tote bag I also carry to fit in everything I actually need.  So for the past week I have been stripped of my handy tote bag and am limiting myself to the essentials whilst giving my shoulder and back a much needed break.

I received the most gorgeous grey leather mini tote bag from the Betty Jackson Black range which is part of the Designers at Debenhams collection.  The bag is made from buttery soft leather with a coordinating floral lining.  It has one compartment with a internal zipper pocket and two internal pouches which are perfect for keeping your phone and keys in.  How is it no matter how small your bag is you still have to rummage around trying to find your phone?!

So what are my essentials?  I really have stripped it right back - my wallet, keys, sunglasses and a few bits of top up make up.  I tend to carry the make up around with me just in case but hardly ever actually use it but can't quite bring myself to lose the comfort blanket.  Since I got an iPhone 6 I have been able to ditch the rechargeable phone charger as the battery lasts all day! Woooooo!!  I also have my phone with me always but it's not pictured as I am using it to take the photos.  My week has been a success, I haven't missed lugging my tote bag around and haven't needed any of the things I like to carry in it.  Are you too a fan of the mini bag trend?


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday Wants

I had a hard job picking which Closet dress to put in this weeks wishlist.  I spied this one a few weeks ago and have had my eye on it ever since but then I went into Aspire Style yesterday and saw this beauty and have been having an internal battle over which I prefer ever since.  I think I prefer the fabric of the one in Aspire but the cut of the one from asos!  The asos one looks like something I would make for myself.  Maybe I should just get over my fear of ironing pleats and whip up a dress with a pleated skirt.

 Dress: Closet

I am ever increasingly being drawn to navy.  I think it started with this dress and getting over wearing black and navy together as I mostly wear black tights and shoes.  I love this floaty spotty dress and think it would look awesome dancing the night away on a balmy summer evening.

 Dress: asos

This dress is just way too cute for words.  I personally do not wear lower necklines as I prefer to be covered up but think it is so pretty. It would look just as awesome dressed down with a cropped leather jacket and plimsolls as it would with a pair of heels. 

Dress: Jack Wills

I need a bit of help, I really want this bag but do not want to pay £40 for it knowing that the unicorn ones that sold for a similar amount were available on eBay for under £10!!  Anyone seen this style?  I have had a search but come up with nothing so far.  Also if you see this one cheaper let me know!


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