Friday, 19 September 2014

Yours Truly

Happy Friday!  It may be a dull and gloomy day but I am all sunshine inside as it is almost the weekend.  The lovely folk at Aspire Style have kindly sent me an Emily and Fin from the new collection and have given me a 10% discount code to share with you guys!  The code is million10 and is valid til 15th October.  The second wave of the Emily and Fin Autumn/Winter collection is about to arrive along with this scrummy winter floral longer length Lucy dress, exclusive to Aspire.  All styles are available to pre-order but you won't have to wait very long as they are due in any day now.  I was torn between the yours truly Lucy I opted for and this beautifully retro Abigail dress.  In the end I went for yours truly partly because I am a sucker for an adorable print but mostly because it is navy and I get another excuse to wear my new shoes!  Even my watch is navy this season!!  I dug out my Miss Selfridge cardigan as I think it compliments the letter print perfectly.

Cardigan: Miss Selfridge 

I absolutely adore my new Clarks x Orla Kiely shoes, just look at the cuteness!   You can see by the sole they have already become a firm favourite, I haven't even had them a week yet and have worn them every day.  I decided to go for the navy ones as I prefered the contrast of colours to the all black ones and wasn't as keen on the t-bars in real life.  The shape of the t-bars isn't quite as expected and I also didn't expect pony skin.  Not a big fan of hairy shoes though I may still have to purchase them as they are still lovely - I just prefered the shape and look of the navy ones.  They felt a bit tight across my foot so I went up half a size.  I am technically a 4.5 but wear a 5 in most shoes and got these in a 5.5, Maria also found she needed to go up half a size with her black ones. I have been after a pair of navy shoes for a while but not found any I really liked though I am currently wearing them with black tights and trying to get over my hatred of black and navy together.  It's not been as hard as I thought it would be! Haha. 


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday Wants

I almost forgot to publish this wishlist today and that would have been a disaster as I have found some GEMS!  Dresses with sleeves.  I repeat, dresses with sleeves!  They have almost become the holy grail of the dress world and one of the main reasons I wanted to start dressmaking.  I want to wear a pretty dress and cover up my arms without having to hide half of the dress under a cardi. 

This gorgeous chevron number is made from organic cotton by People Tree.  Isn't it just divine?!  It is pretty similar to the style I make for myself only with a pleated skirt instead of a gathered skirt.  I have checked and unfortunately it doesn't have pockets but I can forgive that when it has spot-on sleeves and is the most perfect shape.

Dress: People Tree

Okay so this is not something I would ever wear myself as I would look awful in the a-line shape but look at that print! Bloody gorgeous.  I wouldn't know whether to wear it or hang it as a work of art!

Dress: asos

Boden can't seem to stop making drool worthy dresses this season, I mean just look at this one!  This is my favourite colourway by far.  It is made from wool and has a wonderful full skirt that looks like it will swoosh all over the place.  Brilliant. 

Dress: Boden


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Made By Me #34

I absolutely adore this fabric!  The cute 50's text had me laughing with gems such as 'it's a grand idea to keep your man's ego at a top notch pitch.  This for the same reason you like to be told your dress is becoming, your eyes are lovely - makes you feel on top of the world' and a reminder not to let ironing get you down.  But it's the hot ladies and the pattern pieces that I really enjoy and make it the perfect 50's style sewing fabric.  I had been looking for a cool sewing themed fabric but they were all too twee and childlike.  This is just perfect! 

I have managed to whip up a fair few dresses in the last week, 6 in total!  If you want to keep up to date with my latest projects, general fabric lustings and whatever I fancy snapping in my life be sure to follow me on instagram.  Plus I bought some Clarks x Orla shoes and they are wonderful!

Dress: Made by me using Riley Blake Vintage Happy
Shoes: Clarks

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