Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wednesday Wants

I have really struggled putting this wishlist together, there really isn't much around that is making me go ooooooh! that I haven't already shared.  I am sure the start of September will see Autumn Winter stock in abundance and I for one cannot wait, I am especially excited for all the party dresses! 

This week I have focused on pretty skater dresses instead and no one does them better than asos.  If the sun decides to make another appearance this year they will be perfect as styled in the model photos.  They will look just as good with tights and a cardi when it gets a bit colder (or now even!)  The first one is my favourite, the colours are awesome.

Dress: asos

 Dress: asos

Dress: asos


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Fashion Blogger Trumps

Some of the opportunities blogging brings are pretty surreal.  Like when you get asked if you would like to be part of a Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers card deck.  I mean, seriously?!  I would say it is something to show the grandchildren but as I don't actually want kids that's not going to be possible so I will have to make do with my Mum loving them instead, haha. 

I answered the questions and then forgot all about it until I had an email letting me know they had been printed and were on their way.  I had a flick through the cards and found some of my lovely friends had taken part too.  My cups of tea per day trumps yours Lyzi!

You can view the whole deck here and even print it off if you fancy playing.  Or if you would you can apply to be part of 2015's set if you want in on the fun or nominate someone who you think should see their face on a playing card.  It's pretty special.  Thanks for inviting me to be part of it StyleFruits!


Monday, 25 August 2014


Did I really have to choose such a miserable day for my first outfit post in a while?!  It was so much fun standing in the rain snapping these.  Actually it wasn't too bad, it did help that I had this beautiful dress to share with you all.  I featured this dress in a wishlist recently and when Yumi dropped me a line asking if I fancied featuring one of the dresses from their new collection I didn't even need to visit the site to know which one I needed.  I did visit the site though cos their dresses are always super pretty.  I adore this one and this one, perfect shapes and prints.  Yumi have just launched their Autumn/Winter collection and revealed Lilah Parsons as the face of Yumi.

The dress has been hanging on my wardrobe door since it arrived so I could marvel at the beauty of the print.  Though I am dressed like it is the depths of winter (it is sooooo cold today!) this dress is perfect for regular August weather too.  The dress is nice and lightweight and has cute sleeves so would work just as well without the cardigan and tights.  It comes with a skinny belt too but I am not a belt person so left it off.  I am hoping the weather will sort itself out and I can get my act together and take photos of lots of the me made dresses I haven't yet blogged.  It feels like I have a mountain to climb, 36 unblogged dresses and no doubt counting.  I am so much happier now I can wear my contact lenses again so hopefully that is enough to spur me on.

Cardigan: Primark
Shoe boots: Clarks

I am now the lucky owner of a Shore Projects watch.  I have been admiring them from afar so was thrilled to get to choose my favourite and a strap to make it really mine.  The first collection of four watches are inspired by the British seaside.  I went for the Portland - white face and gold detailing.  I decided against one of the polka dot straps that I was initially drawn to and kept it classic with a grey nylon and leather strap.  The strap mechanism is truly a thing of beauty, you can easily change the strap in a few minutes and it's foolproof meaning you don't have to worry about it then falling off.  I can do it easily even with my nails!  They are longer than normal as my nail tech is on holiday so they are just over three weeks old and it's taking me longer than normal to type.  Not used to the length and keep hitting two keys at once.  I really love the packaging too, well thought out and really compliments both the brand and the watches themselves.


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