Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Wednesday Wants

Evening!  A late little wishlist for you tonight, I have been browsing pretty dresses for my upcoming work Christmas party and wanted to share some of the beautiful jacquard numbers I am currently swooning over.  Having an internal debate as to whether I'm going to go for jacquard or sequins.  Yep that's right, I have decided against making something for a change!  I can't find the beautiful jacquard fabrics the high street use and I wouldn't bother sewing with sequins for fear of either damaging my sewing machine or dying of boredom removing sequins from the seams. 

I am in love with this Ted Baker beauty, it's seriously gorgeous and pretty sophisticated for me.  I would defo team it with a pair of gold heels and would add a pair of polka dot tights to mix it up.  Shame about the price tag, it's simply stunning!

 Dress: Ted Baker

I'm not a massive fan of florals but the colours of this asos dress are leaving me weak at the knees.  It would look awesome with my Clarks x Orla heels and a little fluffy cardigan.

 Dress: asos

Okay so I am not sure I could rock this camo number at my Christmas party but how awesome is it?!  I love that they have taken a print that is so casual and printed it on a luxe fabric.  I really like how they have styled it too, it looks great with the ankle boots.

Skirt: asos


Monday, 23 November 2015

Kitchen Refresh - Part Two

I am so excited that this work has finally been done!  I’ve been wanting to replace the worktop since we moved in two and a half years ago but really struggled to find what we were looking for without spending a crazy amount of money.  I did fall in love with a solid grey coloured worktop but am not crazy enough to want to spend over £3000 putting in a new worktop on old units!  I really like the units we currently have, after all they are part of the reason I agreed to move in the first place, and they still look pretty new.  We finally stumbled on the new worktop in Homebase, it was displayed on a kitchen with white units with a grey trim and I loved how it all worked together.  Best part we got to knock a zero off the price of the expensive alternative!

I spent a fair bit of time browsing kitchen designs online looking for inspiration as I wanted to love it for the long term, this is not something I want to have to revisit in the next few years because I have grown tired of my choice.  I wanted something that’s both current and classic and that won’t date quickly which isn’t always an easy balance.  I am of course going to be keeping my pastel theme going but just tone it down a little.  White and grey are pretty neutral anyway so I think whichever way we went with dressing the room it would still work.

I loved the look of both of these kitchens and they helped me finally decide on white subway style tiles with grey grouting.  Unfortunately they have made me yearn for a pastel Smeg fridge again… one day!  I also have major floor tile envy, aren’t they glorious!  I’m not sure our kitchen/diner could handle that much print but it’s something to think about in the future.  Anyways enough chatting time to let the kitchen do the talking and share some photos.  If you want to know where anything is from just shout, most of it is a couple of years old now.  A reminder how it looked before with the old worktop and tiles can be seen here.

One thing that doesn’t really work for me now is the wall colour.  I am thinking that grey would balance it out and give it a sleeker finish.  Haven’t decided if grey is the final choice or thought about the shade of grey yet, what do you guys think?


Friday, 20 November 2015

Made By Me #167

Happy Friday!  I am so ready for the weekend especially when I have a fun packed one ahead of me.  Not even the predicted cold spell can put a downer on it, I'm excited!  I mentioned in my previous post that I have been making a few pattern alterations to fit to my new shape and size.  I have increased the waist darts on this one and also redrafted the sleeves and arm holes to get rid of some of the gathering on the bodice where it meets my arms.  It's not yet perfect but it's getting there and fits me a damn sight better than any ready to wear dress ever has.   I need to say a big thank you to Hannah for her help over twitter and my Mum for not sticking pins in me.  I am sure it was tempting when she was helping me late last Saturday!

Reducing the size of the sleeve so that it fits the redrafted arm holes meant I wasn't left with much fabric for gathers where it meets the shoulders which I really love so the sleeve head has been elongated from the notches upwards which has sorted it out a treat.  Thanks for the tip Mum.  It seems Mum's do really know best, ha.  I think the length of the skirt is better on this dress so am going to go with this length on my next make, still trying to decide which fabric that will be! 

Dress: Made by me using Lotta Jansdotter fabric


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