Friday, 28 August 2015

Made By Me #157

Happy Friday and a very happy bank holiday weekend!  This is one of the dresses I have made with my upcoming holiday in mind.  We are going to the South Coast so it seems only right to have a few nautical themed outfits planned, right?!  The fabric is a seersucker which reminds me of summer holidays as a kid - pretty little seersucker dresses and numerous ice creams.  I only ever remember long sunny days from my childhood, fingers crossed for a few of those on our UK break.  The fabric hangs beautifully and I love the textured feel of the seersucker.  I am always looking for an excuse to crack out my lobster necklace, he is just too awesome and I love the way he dances as you move.  Yep I decided my lobster is a he and his name is Lobby in case you were wondering!

I have had my haircut since the photos were taken, will hopefully share that with you soon.  I really like how it has turned out, big props to my super talented brother in law Lee!  NashWhite are opening a second salon when we return from holiday. I can't wait to see the salon finished, the decor is always outstanding.

Dress: Made by me using Seersucker fabric by Cosmo
Shoes: Cath Kidston
Necklace: Tatty Devine 

We are busy decided what we are going to do for both our summer holiday next year and my impending 40th birthday (DOOM!) I have my eye on Santorini for the summer, just waiting to see what happens in Greece before we book it.  I can't make my mind up about a birthday weekend trip though, Gray has suggested maybe Paris as he knows I have been envious of Roisin's Paris fabric buys.  Where is good for a weekend break at the end of January?  Guaranteed to be awful on the weather front where ever we go but I am more than used to that now.  I have found a competition to win a weekend break in Paris so am going to try my luck with that, the competition hashtag includes PerfectParis so maybe I should take that as a sign for my perfect weekend.  Keeping everything crossed!  In the meantime if you have any January getaway suggestions for me let me know, if you've blogged them please link me up in the comments, pictures always help sway me.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Wants

I know it's still August but it already feels like Autumn has arrived.  I am dreaming of getting back into my black opaques (or navy if I can find some) and cannot stop swooning over the new arrivals.  I have moved towards navy in quite a big way over recent months and I cannot see that changing anytime soon especially with the arrival of quite possible the most beautiful shoes ever!  I am totally heart eyes emoji over them!!  With my gorgeous new shoes in mind I have put together a navy themed wishlist.

I am in love with this beautiful asos dress and I don't even mind the little 'bare' midriff bit too much.  It kinda feels like it's still covered and won't be that revealing and the rest of the dress is just divine.  

 Dress: asos

I'm going for a full on match with this navy and gold number from Chi Chi, I really love the Oriental style of the bodice.  It's something that is usually paired with a fitted split skirt which is not something I would usually go for.

 Dress: Chi Chi

I had a similar dress to this a few years ago and absolutely loved it, I always teamed it with either gold or red and felt a million dollars when wearing it.  No idea what happened to that but am loving this Coast number.  There are some lovely dresses on Coast right now, I really like this print dress too.

Dress: Coast

I have also started planning what I am going to be making this Autumn though I still have some summer sewing to get round to in time for my upcoming holiday.  Fingers crossed it has stopped raining by then.  It obviously features a lot of navy with splashes of yellow so I can still wear my yellow Orlas and I am trying to add as much metallic as I can without going overboard.  I love anything metallic and my new shoes have just fuelled this further!  After reading Char's blogpost I have been thinking more about what my makes would look like as a collection rather than the individual garments they are.  I never really look past the dress I am currently making unless a really awesome fabric arrives and I need to get that on the sewing table.  I loved watching the creative process behind Coast's AW15 collection, it's really interesting to see the process from conception through to the finished garments.  I think it is time I tried a trickier fabric than cotton and recreate my favourite navy lace dress and I might even add a bit of embellishment!


Friday, 21 August 2015

Made By Me #156

Sometimes something unexpected happens when you turn fabric into a dress, most of the time I have a pretty good idea what the resulting dress will look like but this one took me by surprise.  I knew I would like it, the colours are awesome after all, but I didn't expect to look at it on Violet and go wow!   The fabric was sent to me by The Stitchery along with the matching thread and zipper.  I took it out of the envelope and thought 'yep, good choice Sarah' then popped it in the washing machine ready and mentally planned to wear it with my yellow Orlas and my treasured Tatty Devine bee necklace.  So here we are and it is all looking rather fab together if I do say so myself.  My yellow Orlas were a wise investment, they go with so many of my dresses and get loads of comments when I wear them, I guess not everyone owns a pair of yellow shoes.  Though I certainly think they should!

I'm hoping to free up some more time this weekend for some sewing, it really does feel awesome to get back behind my sewing machine after a little break.  I need to hurry up and decide on my holiday wardrobe so I can make up any I want to wear.  One thing is certain, this beauty is coming with me!

Dress: Made by me using Folk Song by FreeSpirit*
Necklace: Tatty Devine (similar)


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