Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring Wishlist

I love Spring.  Everything feels new and refreshed, the days start to get longer and nature suddenly wakes up and starts blooming.  It's like a shot of vitamins, I suddenly feel more alive and have energy to do things other than sit on the sofa under a blanket moaning how cold it is.  I like to have a Spring clean to chase the Winter cobwebs away and add some new life into my home and wardrobe.  With this in mind I have put together a Spring wishlist thinking about the accessories I will want as we approach Summer and how I will inject a bit of the brightness of Spring into my home. 

Top L-R Bag  /  Clutch  /  Phone Case  /  Bag  /  Shoes  /  Sunglasses  /  Watch

I have ended up with three bags in my wishlist because I just cannot decide what I want!  I love the colours of all three and usually end up going for a small grab bag of some description but those tassels!  The yellow clutch bag really is a wishlist only item though, as much as I adore it I can't justify the price tag.  But those cute little heart punches are making me lust after it all the same.  I seem to switch between yearning for pastels and tropical brights so have decided that they work well together anyway and that my way forward is just all the colour.  I absolutely adore the Orla shoes and this is my favourite colourway but also the colour I would probably get the least use from, always the way! I will most likely go for practical and get the tan ones with the hope of the yellow ones ending up in the sale!  I loved my last phone case from Paperchase, reasonably priced with cute designs that are much lacking for the iPhone 6 still and this tropical beauty has won my hear.  Finally my last two requirements are a new pair of sunglasses, this retro pair from asos fit the bill wonderfully, and a lighter coloured watch.  I have two Olivia Burton watches now and think a pastel strapped version needs to be adorning my arm in the near future!

 Top L-R Rug  /  Cushion  /  Clock  / Duvet  /  Cushion  /  Prints

We re-decorated our spare bedroom recently and have added a lot of colour to the once monochrome theme but I want more!  Yellow always makes me think of Spring, I think it is my association with daffodils being a sign that Spring is approaching.  I want to add more yellow and go further with the tropical vibe it now has.  I am awaiting the arrival of this awesome duvet cover online at George Home.  I mean, just look at it!  The new range of duvet covers are set to be my favourite yet, some amazing designs going on.  I want to add a couple more yellow cushions, I couldn't resist the cute yellow honeycomb clock and if the tropical prints from Etsy do not have you reaching for your swimsuit I am not sure what will.  All finished off with the cute striped rug from H&M, helping further tie the monochrome/yellow/tropical theme we now have going on.  I get most of my homeware and prints from H&M, George Home and Etsy and the moment it would seem.

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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Wednesday Wants

The arrival of March has seen the new Mod Dolly Spring/Summer collection arrive and boy is it a cracker!  Mod Dolly dresses are handmade in London and I can vouch for the quality.  My favourite has to be the new style, the Betty utility dress.  An awesome full skirted beauty complete with matching fabric covered buttons and a waist tie.  Currently available in three colour ways, the teal version is definitely my favourite.  You can see the full collection here and whilst you're at it check out the Retro Mod Dolly range, one off pieces made from vintage fabrics.

 Dress: Mod Dolly

This dress has made me long for a tan so I could pull off this beautiful baby pink.  I am loving Closet's work right now, so many beautiful longer length dresses to pick from.  I especially like the pocket detail on this one, a really nice touch.  It's also made in London, yay!

 Dress: Closet

This last one is an absolute stunner!  It would probably end up more of a maxi dress on me than the intended midi but that doesn't stop me stroking the monitor.  It's 100% cotton and would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Dress: asos


Friday, 27 February 2015

Made By Me #125

I didn't get chance before the rain last Sunday to take photos of this dress so I thought I would hang out with Violet in my sewing room for a few snaps.  The fabric is part of the Lime Twist collection and it was the lime that attracted me, it feels so fresh and Spring like.  I'm still very much in Winter mode though and think it looks great with black opaques right now but it will really come into it's own when the sun comes out to play.

The fabric was supplied by the lovely ladies at Elephant In My Handbag who I learnt last week are going to be stocking Cotton and Steel!  EEEPPPPP!!  I cannot wait to see which fabrics they have chosen.  If you haven't already make sure you check out their selection of fabrics and make good use of the discount code in my sidebar.  Oh and whilst you're at it be sure to enter their Dashwood Studio giveaway.  You can win 6 metres of fabric including some of the Cuckoo's Calling collection.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  Char and I are making a trip to London to coo over fabric.  We are hitting up Goldhawk Road and are going to attempt a few other destinations as well as getting a look at the the new Orla Kiely x Clarks range in all it's glory.  I will try not to stroke them all ;)  If you have any must visit fabric destinations let me know!

Dress: Made by me using Floral Ditsy Print by Makower*
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes 

Whatever you're doing this weekend make it a good one!

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