Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Wednesday Wants

I had a hard job picking which Closet dress to put in this weeks wishlist.  I spied this one a few weeks ago and have had my eye on it ever since but then I went into Aspire Style yesterday and saw this beauty and have been having an internal battle over which I prefer ever since.  I think I prefer the fabric of the one in Aspire but the cut of the one from asos!  The asos one looks like something I would make for myself.  Maybe I should just get over my fear of ironing pleats and whip up a dress with a pleated skirt.

 Dress: Closet

I am ever increasingly being drawn to navy.  I think it started with this dress and getting over wearing black and navy together as I mostly wear black tights and shoes.  I love this floaty spotty dress and think it would look awesome dancing the night away on a balmy summer evening.

 Dress: asos

This dress is just way too cute for words.  I personally do not wear lower necklines as I prefer to be covered up but think it is so pretty. It would look just as awesome dressed down with a cropped leather jacket and plimsolls as it would with a pair of heels. 

Dress: Jack Wills

I need a bit of help, I really want this bag but do not want to pay £40 for it knowing that the unicorn ones that sold for a similar amount were available on eBay for under £10!!  Anyone seen this style?  I have had a search but come up with nothing so far.  Also if you see this one cheaper let me know!



  1. You could easily make a dress like the ASOS one.

  2. I find pleats much easier than gathering! The simplicity 2444 attaches a full skirt with pleat darts, and same conservative neckline. I like the drape the pleats create on that asos dress. I don't like short skirts or short dresses too much so I love that longer styles are in fashion again.

  3. That bag is insanely cute!!! I ummed and ahed over that Closet dress too but decided I didn't like the material! I have a Closet outlet shop near me which is great as they sell theirs hugely cheaper!x

  4. I love that Closet dress - all of their dresses are beautiful! x

  5. Love the print of that Closet dress!

    Tara x


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