Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday Wants

Ooooh I am excited!  All the beautiful party dresses are online and enticing me with their siren call.  I am swooning all over the place.  I don't really have the occasion for many party dresses but that doesn't mean I shouldn't indulge, right?!  Perfectly acceptable office wear.  I promise I haven't chosen them all with my favourite shoes in mind.  Okay maybe they have influenced my choices a little bit but they are all crackers in their own right!

How sassy does she look wearing this beauty?!  Look at the drape of that skirt, I am in love.  Also really love the shoes she is wearing, I would never be able to walk in them but oh my they are pretty!

 Dress: asos

Oh the fabric!   I am not a lover of all things floral but this is pretty abstract it barely qualifies.  It is so, so lovely.  One thing asos do really well is party dresses, I think the price for the quality is spot on and I have never been disappointed by one I have seen in real life.  I cannot get this one out of my head.

 Dress: asos

I couldn't but together a party dress wishlist without including a bit of sparkle now could I?! I love how simple but dressy this LDB is. 

Dress: asos

Have you bought your party dress yet?



  1. That second dress is beautiful!

    Maria xxx

  2. I was so gutted when those shoes sold out in my size ;(

  3. That sparkly black dress is so perfect. I could totally see myself rocking it for the holidays especially New Years!

  4. That first one actually made me gasp. I neeeeeeeeeeeed it!
    Cx / Bloglovin


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