Monday, 27 October 2014

The Perfect Autumn Outfit

I am sure if you're a regular reader you will have worked out that I do not own a single pair of trousers or jeans.  What you might not realise is that my aversion to trousers does not include pyjamas.  This is likely to be the only time you ever see photos of me in 'trousers' on this blog.  I am never happy when I am wearing a pair of cosy PJs, my happiest days are those when I have no reason to get out of them and can lounge around without a care in the world.  I was over the moon when I found out I had won the Hush Sunday brunch style challenge, all I could think of was I want all the PJs!  The prize was a voucher to spend on items of my choice.  I had been wanting a pair of Hush pyjamas since I saw their cute summer ones.  I opted for two pairs and two jumpers to wear over the top of them so I can change into them when I get home and get comfy behind the sewing machine.

These photos were taken the day they arrived, I couldn't wait to get them on.  I would have put them on at work if that wouldn't have been totally weird...    I picked up the Totes socks from the supermarket but can't find them online any where.  I always have cold feet and usually wear my super warm slippers but loved the way the PJs had been styled by Hush so wanted to get in on the big chunky sock action.  It just so happens that my Boden slippers go perfectly with the second pair of PJs, that might have been an influencing factor!  I picked up the slippers in the sale and I have to say they are the best ones I've owned, I think they were about £6.  Toasty warm.

The burgundy jumper is made with alpaca hair/fur/wool? Not sure what the right term is but whatever it is I love it as much as I love their cute little faces.  It is lightweight but warm and cosy.  I am drinking more of the GU salted caramel hot chocolate, if you haven't tried it you really must! Mmmmmm.  Nothing I like more than Autumn evenings snuggling in my favourite PJs with a cup of good hot chocolate.  Perfect.

Who wouldn't want a pair these PJs waiting at the end of the bed for them, so inviting!



  1. Oh, I was thinking the other day how ridiculous it is that I have a room of clothes when all I've been wearing at home to sew lately is PJs.

  2. These pyjamas look so cosy! Gap have some awesome zebra ones at the moment which I need!

    Maria xxx


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