Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Wednesday Wants

I hope you have been enjoying the recent flurry of outfit posts, I'm keen to catch up so I can share the dresses I have been working on recently.  I have found some gorgeous fabrics and am looking forward both wearing and sharing the resulting dresses.  I thought I would go back to basics this week and make it all about the print.  Obviously the dresses are Sarah style in cut, I know what suits me!  I have three favourite types of print - checks, spots and novelty. 

This check beauty is almost identical to the Emery pattern that I use to make my own dresses, ie it is pretty much perfect!  I absolutely love the messy check/grid pattern and have been looking for something similar.  I have a grid fabric waiting to be made up but now need a black and white version!

 Dress: People Tree

I haven't made many polka dot dresses yet because I already have so many in my wardrobe.  This Emily and Fin Abigail is just divine!  The Abigail is such a lovely shape and this colour way is now available to pre-order at Aspire Style. 
 Dress: Emily and Fin

I am a massive fan of novelty prints.  The world is a better place when you're wearing one.  They don't get much better than this donut print from Nishe. I mean, donuts!!  How could that not put a smile on your face?!   This dress is pretty special,  the donuts are embroidered, sweet!

Dress: Nishe



  1. That Nishe dress is saved on my Asos wishlist. Love that brand-saw a Nishe dress hanging in a second hand store in Berlin. It was closed, as it was Sunday AND the day I was leaving. Gutting xx

  2. That Nishe dress is everything.

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