Monday, 14 July 2014


Not a regular topic here on A Million Dresses I have to admit!  I do love sharing my pastel kitchen though so any excuse to take a few more photos and add to the pastel cuteness works for me.  I wanted to start 'recycling' our food waste back when we first moved in to our home but the food caddy I ordered from the council didn't ever arrive and to be honest I kind of forgot about it.  We can put food waste in our green bin along with our garden waste and stickers have appeared on our bins recently reminding us of that. 

Dotcomgiftshop got in touch and asked if I would like to choose some goodies to review and whilst browsing I found this fab compost bin.  I do love an item that is both pretty and practical.  The compost bin has a removable plastic pail which makes for easy cleaning and I also picked up some biodegradable bags from the supermarket to make it even easier.  The lid forms a seal to keep in any smells but I have also added a bin freshener to the lid just in case.  Removing the food waste from our general waste bin has also reduced any odours which are hard to avoid when it is as warm as it has been recently.  Plus we have increased our recycling, win/win.

I also went for some fab pink cutlery.  We already have pastel cutlery but the quality isn't a patch on this set plus by the time the dishwasher is full we have long run out of knives.  Annoying!  I really need to add a blue set too, so pretty.   Dotcomgiftshop have a massive sale on at the moment with up to 90% off!  I really want a couple of these pretty shelves but Gray is having none of it, booooo!

If you want to have more of a nose around my kitchen you can find posts here, here and here!



  1. I am totally in love with that cutlery! x

  2. I adore both if these. Would you believe that they're the very two things I have been looking for for my kitchen? I saw the cutlery the other day and I'm very tempted. I love dotcomgistshop. I buy so much stuff from there. I got a few bits in the sale last week and will probably do a blog post or video on it sometime this week. X

  3. Recycling food waste is so easy to do, my mom has a similar bin in her kitchen and empties it into her own compost heap in the garden. She creates her own compost then uses in her allotment! It's always better when you have a cute bin like this though! :) I love your home posts, I'm so nosey but I love seeing interiors and decorating posts when people move!
    emmerliejay x

  4. Haha, we have the same kettle, blender, compost bin and colour of mixer (mine's a rip off Kenwood!) - don't you find the blender to be a bit...crap!?


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