Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wednesday Wants

The sun is shining and the windows are being thrown open as soon as we step in the house.  That can only mean one thing - it is officially too hot for me! I find summer really difficult.  On the one hand I love all the daylight but on the other I find the heat really stifling.  It is too muggy for me and my head always feels like it is under a fuzzy layer.  I end up wasting the daylight by spending my evenings in bed having a snooze.  Anyone else like this and have you found a way to make it more bearable?  I would love any tips you guys have!

On to the pretties.  Aspire Style have collaborated with another one of the brands they stock to release a few limited edition prints.  This time it is Closet and this pretty dress is my pick of the bunch.  I love the shape and the monochrome base of the dress.  The birds are beautifully colourful and add a splash of colour whilst the dress remains sophisticated - not an easy task!

Next up is a dress from the Oliver Bonas own label, Poem.  I haven't really been impressed with their designs up til now, there was always something a bit off about them but this dress has blown me out of the water!  It is light and airy with such a cute design.  I love the mix of colours and hope that there is enough pattern to hide the inevitable ice lolly spillage ;)

 Dress: Oliver Bonas

The last dress couldn't be any less summery if it tried!  I think it is actually my favourite of this weeks picks, purple is my favourite colour and this shade of purple is divine! I don't really have many plain fabrics in my wardrobe so this would make a nice change especially paired with it's beautifully simple shape.

 Dress: Topshop

I am waiting on this lemon skirt to arrive from Choies but couldn't wait to share it!  The print is so cute and it is 100% cotton.  I can only order limited items from Choies as I am too big for most of their stuff, which is totally ridiculous but I will ignore whilst they are making beauties like this.  It is knee length too and under £30, what a steal.  I absolutely adore this skirt too, there are so many lovely designs all at fab prices.

Skirt: Choies*



  1. I like them all but I'm skint :( F21 had some cute fruit earrings the other day that you might like xx

  2. oh, I like the Poem one!

  3. Great inspirational dresses!

  4. I love them all! I really like Closet dresses and the skirt us super cute! X

  5. That lemon print skirt is to die for!

  6. The print on the Oliver Bonas dress is so cute!


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