Thursday, 19 June 2014

Kitchen Refresh

We have finally had a new floor fitted in our kitchen and I am so, so happy with it!  We changed the flooring in every single room apart from the kitchen when we moved in just over a year ago and it has been driving me mad ever since.   We were originally undecided on what we wanted so didn't get it done straight away and then life gets in the way and before you realise a year has passed.  With this in mind we gave ourselves a little talking to and hey presto our new floor was fitted on Tuesday.  It already feels more light and airy and way more to our taste.  I think it works perfectly with the pastel scheme.

Next job will be to decide on a new worktop.  White sucks!  I am forever bleaching tea stains off it so want something that won't stain at the sight of tea and breaks the white up but is in keeping with the rest of the kitchen so grey it is then ;)  We also need a new dishwasher, apart from being pretty ugly it is broken so we are going to replace it with a shiny white one which we think will blend in with the units better.

I have had a move around on my shelves since I first shared my kitchen with you, we actually use the pink saucepans now, haha!

We have also gone pink with our microwave, it's too cute! I love having pastel kitchen appliances, way more fun.

A little reminder as to how our kitchen looked when we first moved in, can you see why the floor did my head in?!  Such an ugly colour.

One day I will get that baby blue smeg...



  1. This is literally my dream kind of kitchen. Pastels and pretty utensils, I love that style in a kitchen.
    Jade x

  2. Sarah I am forever admiring your kitchen - what dreams are made of! X

  3. Your kitchen is so cute! The new flooring looks so much better with your pastel theme. I really like your floating shelves too.

  4. The new floor does suit the kitchen a lot more.
    I love your kitchen, just looking at it is making me want to bake!
    Rubi x
    The Den

  5. What an adorable kitchen you have. I love the way you have put all the colours together and you have the same gorgeous shade of KitchenAid as me. ;-)

  6. Love your kitchen :-) (V similar units to mine actually, so I guess I'm biased!) How about a shiny black or brushed steel worktop? Both will be easy to keep clean.

  7. Very, very nice!! I want a pretty kitchen!

  8. I would never think you could improve on a purple kitchen ... but ... wow! you have!

  9. Your kitchen is lovely and I need that pastel microwave!

    Maria xxx

  10. So pretty! (I also dream of a colourful smeg!)


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