Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Stained Glass

What's this?!  Two outfit posts in two days!  I couldn't wait to share this lovely asos dress with you guys and finally managed to snap a few photos this weekend even though the weather totally didn't want me to.  My hair is a bit of a windswept mess but ignore that bit, yeah.  I know this stained glass window dress won't be to everyone's taste but the non religious rebel in me couldn't help but find that bit funny.  The colours of the print are fab and even though it is described as a smock online it really isn't much of one.  I am wearing a size 10 and it fits a little loosely.  I could have done with exchanging it for an 8 but I quite like that it is not so fitted, it's a perfect Sunday roast dress. 

 Dress: asos
Favourite EVER Cardigan: H&M (old)
Boots: Barratts*

I wasn't trying to be all moody in the last photo, my hair was being blown around like crazy and I was trying not to have a hissy fit, hehe.  How awesome are the boots from Barratts?  They have cool buckles and stud detailing and though I have to undo them to put them on they slip right off meaning I don't get told off for wearing my shoes in the house ;)



  1. Love this dress, really fancy it for Christmas xx

  2. What a gorgeous Dress! I love the cardi too! <3 Lovely outfit

    Lucie xx

  3. Love both your jacket (looks very cozy) and also your cute dress!!

    I am having a giveaway on my blog! - http://ccfashion16.blogspot.com/

  4. I absolutely love this dress. It looks fab with your hair xx

  5. I adore your outfit! I've been lusting after the dress for so long....


  6. Lovely dress - the print is gorgeous! :)

  7. This dress is gorgeous it's on my wishlists x

  8. WOW, this dress is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  9. Just bought this after seeing your post. You're such a bad influence!!!;)


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