Friday, 18 October 2013

I'm a Little Teapot

I am so excited for next week, hopefully there will be a little announcement that a certain iPad Mini 2 is on it's way and I will finally be able to get my hands on one!  It feels like a long time coming since I decided I needed one.  I am going to sell my old iPad and put the money towards it.  I might just have started playing candy crush too... I'm going to lose hours! 

How cute is this little tea party dress?!  It is covered in little teapots, cups and saucers, perfect attire for a tea party I am sure you'll agree.  I refrained from doing the I'm a little teapot moves even if the second photo looks like I am about to bust them out!  I am overdue hosting a tea party for my besties, I promised them one months ago, oops!  My friend Nicola comes back from Korea on the 1st November so I think that's the perfect time for me to turn on the kitchenaid again and whip up a few cakes and I am going to do it wearing this dress.  That's decided then, haha.

Dress: Very*
Cardigan: H&M (old)
Boots: Lotus Shoes*

The dress is pretty perfect ignoring the fabulous print.  It fits really nicely around the waist and hangs well falling just above the knee.  It has elbow length sleeves as shown on one of the photos though it was cardigan weather when I wore it.  It also doesn't feel as if it would suffer from static.  I seem to attract it and am forever suffering my dresses sticking to my tights (a safety pin in the hem seems to make no difference by the way).  Almost as annoying as those dreaded creases. 

The teapots also have splashes of purple in them so I now want a purple cardigan to rock with this beauty.  I would like it to be fluffy too and obviously cropped... anyone seen any?  Fluffy isn't critical tbh more of a nice to have.  Can't believe cropped cardigans are still so hard to come by, come on retailers I can't be the only one struggling to find them.  Help a girl out!



  1. Beautiful dress, I do love tea dresses, they seem to be the ultimate flattery for me. The print is gorgeous too. Can't believe how tough the cropped cardigan thing is either, have been looking for one myself, and resorted to eBay stalking for now.

  2. OMG I want this dress!!!!

  3. You always seem to host the best tea parties, if your instagram is anything to go by! Your cakes always look SO DAMN GOOD.
    The dress is cute, perfect tea party attire indeed!
    I'm jealous you're getting an ipad mini. I'd love one, but my boyfriend says I don't NEED one...oh, but I do.. xx

  4. Dress twin :) have you altered the neckline on yours? Looks lovely xx

  5. I used to wear cropped cardigans all the time when I was going through my emo phase. I had loads in different colours and they were really easy to come by. This was probably like 9 years ago though! Strange that they're like gold dust now! x

  6. Boden offer cropped cardis every season:

    Cashmere -

    Cotton -

    Mid-season sale starts on Monday 21st October.

  7. Lovely dress! Love how you've styled it, I checked Gemma's out too and you both look gorgeous in this. The print is so pretty!

    Boden is a good shout for cropped cardi's, isn't it funny, they used to be everywhere but now they're as rare as hens teeth!

    XO Amie

  8. That's a lovely print, you always find the best dresses! Xo

  9. This dress is SO pretty on you, you and Gem are definitely tempting me to buy it!

    Maria xxx

  10. Hmmm, try H&M for the knitwear? Or if you search for it on stylecompare you might have some luck love? That print is so sweet though! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad


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