Friday, 19 July 2013

That's My Name

I've been pretty gushy following the rediscovery of my love for Emily and Fin recently.  I can't help it - the dresses are reasonably priced, well made and fab quality.  I own over 10 versions of their Lucy dress, it is honestly the perfect dress for me.  But it could be better, it could be share a name with me rather than with my sister!  It's as if Emily and Fin read my thoughts as this season sees the introduction of a new dress, very similar in design to the Lucy but with little sleeves and going by the name of SARAH!  What a result.  Nothing makes me want something more than when it shares my name.  Currently only available in two fabrics I opted for the bright blue version which is covered in yellow and orange flowers.  I wasn't sure about the colour combination at first but as soon as it arrived I was delighted.  I have teamed it with a little orange cardi and my current favourite flowery bag to pick out both colours.  I have been wearing my beautiful new converse all week, they are the comfiest of shoes as the soles are quite thick like trainers but much prettier!.  I really want the light blue ones now but they seem to have sold out everywhere too, boo!

Cardigan: H&M (Very old)
Bag: asos

The one thing that could make this outfit better is switching up the bag for this amazing yellow clutch from John Lewis that also bares my name, it's as if it was meant to be!

Bag: John Lewis

My weekend started today, it's Gray's 30th on Sunday so we are doing lots of his favourite things to celebrate!  Have a great weekend :)



  1. I think I might have to take the plunge with this brand. You've converted me Sarah!

  2. Aaaw it's perfect on you. There's a shop in Cardiff that sells them, might have to try one on... x

  3. Great outfit - the dress is so cute! And that bag is beautiful!! :)

  4. I have a couple of dresses from this brand. Love this one on you! x

  5. Such a pretty dress, I love the little sleeves and the print. In front of the AMAZING shed, it looks so pretty :)
    I hope you have a fab Weekend celebrating xx


  6. LOVE this dress & the cardi looks great too
    Have a lovely weekend x
    Ruth - Room31 x

  7. I love Emily & Fin, I totally blame you for my obsession as you always look gorgeous in their dresses!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love the dress, I can't wait to add to my E+F collection. I love that bag as well.


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