Thursday, 27 June 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - Guest Bedroom

Little late this week, apologies!  Totally forgot it was Thursday.  This week I am sharing our new guest bedroom aka Rosie's room ;)  This room was the most annoying and labour intensive to decorate, can you believe I had to do four coats of white to cover the previous creamy colour.  For this room I wanted to go with one of my favourite current fashion trends and go for mostly monotone colours with splashes of red.  I wanted to mix spots, stripes and chevrons and make it as eye catching as possible.  I also have the polka dot hearts duvet set from Tesco that everyone has but feel a bit silly changing a bed that no one has slept in yet.

Before and after:

I originally wanted to get the cute cut out heart furniture from Homebase but it was out of stock til July and I am impatient so we opted for some basic Ikea goodness instead.  The bed was our bed in the flat and is unfortunately a bit big for the room but as it will only be used occasionally it's not worth changing.  Other than that I love how it has turned out, was a bit worried that it might look a mess of patterns.  I think keeping the colour scheme simple has stopped that from happening.

The bedside table, chest of drawers and lampshade are all from Ikea, the duvet cover is from eBay

Char bought me the heart bunting for my birthday, the cushions are all from the flat along with the artwork which are mostly valentines cards from Gray.

I love these curtains!  As with the others they were made by my Mum.

The tub chair is really old and from Ikea, my Mum covered the cushion for me.  The wardrobe is from Next

Mirrors are from Dwell, RIP :(

Hope you've been enjoying my little tour!



  1. This room looks amazing! I love the cushion and the prints :) add such a homely feeling! xxx

  2. You are so talented at interior design it is unreal - this bedroom is so nice. x

  3. I've really beed enjoying your home posts so much xxx

  4. Hi Sarah, this looks amazing. I'm a little worried now though as too how many coats of paint it's going to take to cover my dark blue walls! *rolls up sleeves*.

  5. eeek looks so nice, can't wait to visit xx

  6. I love the heart bunting! :)

  7. I love this room, especially the heart bunting and the framed pictures. xx

  8. OMG LOVE THIS!! The black and white is so cool and fresh, I love all the little details :)

  9. Fabulous, I think if you had just described it I would not have been keen but it looks wonderful. Well done you.


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