Thursday, 23 May 2013

Through The New Home Keyhole - The Kitchen

I wasn't fussed about moving but Gray really wanted to upgrade our flat to a house so bought me a Kitchenaid for Christmas in my dream colour that really wouldn't go with our black and red kitchen in the flat - the Kitchenaid was the catalyst that resulted in our flat going on the market and the search for the perfect house to begin.  Gray is a crafty little beggar!  

I have already been asked a few times to blog our new home and the changes we have made.  I love reading this kind of post and am really proud of what we managed to achieve in just over a week.  We have bought a three story townhouse and excluding the bathrooms which are still waiting for flooring decisions to be made, we have painted it from top to bottom and it is pretty much done.  It's very much been a labour of love, I started buying things ready back when our offer was accepted in February and had pretty much decided how it would look before we moved in.

This is the room that made me fall in love with this house.  It is exactly what I was looking for - a large kitchen diner with white units ready for me to throw in loads of pastel colours.  I will eventually change the flooring but haven't decided what I want yet - these decisions are hard!  The kitchen was already painted lilac and I had planned on repainting it mint, bought the new paint ready then changed my mind and have kept it lilac.  It may still end up mint but for the moment I am enjoying it as is.

The kitchen before and after:

We haven't made many changes to the structure of the room apart from replace a hideous light above the table that looked like a UFO.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it so cannot share the horror with you all!  I have filled the white kitchen with pastel colours, added a big table that can be extended to seat 8 and have turned it into the kitchen of my dreams.  It honestly looks better than I thought it ever could, I am so proud of it!  I've tried to link to everything below...

Where the magic happens, ha!

The dining area.  The chairs are going to be painted pastel colours when I get chance.  My lovely Mum made all the curtains for our new home, this fabric is from a Thai seller on eBay.

Too much to link, shout if you want any further details :)

Fruit bowl, water carafe and decanter all from Next

Sugar bowl and teapot finished off with a cute milk jug

Couldn't resist this Dishbunny Drying Rack

Love this kettle and my baby, my beautiful Kitchenaid

  Yeah I didn't really need this egg house but couldn't resist! haha

Butter dish and toaster (matches the kettle!)

These ceramic bottles from Next make cute vases

Trolley from Ikea 

I love a good cup of tea!

Yep I am sad enough to have a custom print of my Kitchenaid commissioned...

I adore these Jam Jar lights from Next, they really finish the kitchen off

I haven't actually baked in this kitchen yet, I am a bit scared in case the oven isn't as good as the old one in the flat!  It's not a fan oven but thankfully is still a double oven.  I can't wait to get my first cake under my belt and have the girls round for a little tea party. 

Hope you love my kitchen as much as I do, judging by the reaction to a sneak peek on instagram I am thinking it gets a big thumbs up!



  1. Oh my goodness, we have such similar taste although my kitchen is a little more 'cottage-y' (is that even a word?), while yours is more retro. We have loads of the same stuff (literally) although you've made we want to investigate Next homewares, it's not somewhere I normally bother with.Rx

  2. Oh it's amazing, Sarah = you've really put your stamp on the place and I have gadget envy. I can't track down any pink Kitchenaid's anywhere :(

  3. OMG it's beautiful!! The little touches everywhere, the jars, the prints, the trolley. My favourite thing though, the jam jar lights. I didn't know next did them!!! You must be so happy every time you walk in there :D

  4. That is SUCH a dreamy kitchen! You lucky lass, I'm sure most of us would kill for your kitchen! ;) The egg house is so cute, and I love the jam jar lights. Xo

  5. it looks perfect and those jam jar lights are so cool :) this is what my bedroom is like and the rest of those house is black and white which is more my mums taste. Love it all!

  6. It is my dream kitchen! Sooooo pretty! I LOVE the lilac and the KitchenAid (in mint!) is on my Dream List. It is so pretty and adorable, I'd spend all my time in this kitchen. You've done a fantastic job and I cannot wait to see more of your beautiful home! :)

  7. It's stunning!! Makes me want to buy a house :( lol x

  8. Beautiful! We're moving in 2 weeks (still renting) and I'm excited to play in a new kitchen. Sadly it's a single electric oven whereas we have a double gas here so I'm also a bit scared of how my cakes will turn out!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  9. I love all your homely pastel nick nacks. You have a real eye for making a room look lovely. Bet you can't wait to whip up some scrummy baked treats in that fab kitchen! Glad to see you're slowly settling in :) xx

  10. I am definitely going to like these posts a lot, although I also know that they're going to make me feel woefully inadequate about my (non-existent) interior decorating skills!

    I saw the egg house in Next the other day and loved it!

  11. Such a cute kitchen!

  12. Oh my goodness your kitchen is just adorable! :)
    I love all the baby blue and pink, and the rabbit dish rack is lovely!

  13. your kitchen is beautiful!! I'm in love x

  14. Beautiful kitchen! Oh my days that bunny drying rack is so so cute! x

  15. Oh Sarah, what a dream kitchen this is! Literally is gorgeous, you've done such an amazing job. Can I come over and look at all the pretty things, while you bake me cake? Thanks ;)

  16. OMG I absolutely LOVE it all! It looks gorgeous, it really does. I'm loving all the pastels :) The drying rack and egg house are super cute too. I really want a kitchenaid - super jealous! xx

  17. It's so amazingly girly! Love it xx

  18. My jaw is literally hanging open (there's a lovely image for you). I love it! The jar lights and the tea print are my favourite bits (along with that table!) You've done an amazing job.

    Liz xx
    Distract Me Now Please

  19. Love it, the pastel accessories make this kitchen perfect, I've already started adding pastel to my kitchen! The prints are fab too!

  20. omg the egg house!! i love it all, you have such amazing taste. can't wait to see all the other rooms xx

  21. it's such a gorgeous kitchen! I love the purple walls!

  22. Love the purple, what paint is it and where from?

  23. Oh my god it's perfect. I can't wait to get my own place to have a kitchen to decorate! I love the kitchenaid, so gorgeous xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

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