Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Rock n Roller

I do like a good challenge and this 50's style shoot was right up my street.  Gala Casino sent me a basic 50's kit to create a 50's style look inspired by the launch of their new game Rock n Roller.  I waited until my visit this weekend to Norbury Manor (with 11 other blogger types, more details on that to come soon!) so I could have a fitting setting for such a fabulous shoot.  Red lippy and black eyeliner formed part of the essentials along with some red glasses, polka dot scarf and a cute whirly lollipop.  Yum!

The beautiful master bedroom and main bathroom of Norbury Manor were absolutely perfect, it is such a gorgeous house and the decor is simply stunning.  Even Alex who hates pink fell in love with the tastefully pink bedroom and of course the chaise lounge... oh to have a bedroom big enough for a chaise lounge! 

I borrowed the outfit and vanity case from Alex and was ready for the fun to begin! Just in case you hadn't realised I am pretty awkward in photos but this shoot was as much fun as it looks, it really does help having someone who (a) knows how to use a camera and (b) knows exactly how you want your pictures framed.  I think the photographer should come and live with me ;)  I am really happy with how the images have turned out, I hope you enjoy them too.

Whenever another blogger takes your photos for you you can guarantee there will be out takes!  I couldn't resist sharing this beautiful roll top tub and of course my stupidity...

A big thank you to Rosie for the photography and Alex for the outfit! 



  1. These photos have turned out so wonderfully - Good work, Rosie!

  2. Beautiful! I love these photos.
    Jess x

  3. I love these! I can't wait to see the dodgy group ones now xx

  4. The 50s style is so fab, I love your outfit! Xo

  5. The photos are lovely, you look gorgeous and I love the outfit xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog

  6. You look absolutely stunning! Gorgeous pics too :) xx


  7. Sarah you beauty! These shots are beautiful, well done Rosie :) I am so jealous of your weekend away, it sounds so much fun with some of my favourites! xxx

  8. Love these photos! You really suit the 50s look. I always reckon its really flattering, but the colours really compliment your hair colour too! And Lordy- what a bathroom!! I would kill for a bath like that! I kept seeing pics of your stay from various bloggers on my instagram newsfeed and it looked amazing... Looking forward to your full post of the weekend!xx

  9. I miss the Manor! Photo 3 is beautiful.

    Loving the out-takes - I got Alex to do some wannabe fashion blogger photos yesterday and they basically all consist of out-takes!

  10. Sarah you look beautiful! I wish I was back at the manor :(

    Maria xxx

  11. These photos have turned out so well! That roll top bath was such a luxury, I felt totally spoilt xxx


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