Monday, 5 November 2012

Batty for Sugarhill Boutique!

I have sung their praises a few times recently but all with good reason, Sugarhill Boutique are killing it this season for me!  Plenty of #wardrobezoo, lovely floating fabrics and SLEEVES.  I wore this beautiful bat dress to work for Halloween.  Unfortunately the flash has made the lining shine through but for me it's either use a flash or don't take photos at this time of the year.  It's dark when I leave the house and dark when I return home from work :(

I love the khaki colour against my copper hair, who knew going copper would open up a whole new colour palette to me?!  It's not that I wouldn't have worn it before it just looks so different with my new hair.  I love it!  Apologies for the almost smirk expression in these photos, my remote ran out of battery so I had to get Gray to take these for me & he always tries to make me laugh so he can take hideous unflattering photos, the meanie!

You can't really see my new shoes that well in this photo and they didn't take great pictures when I tried so here is the stock photo.  They are fabulous.  

I love the mix of navy and black, two colours I was always weary of mixing.  They have got me past this phobia and I am now embracing it!  It's the only fashion 'rule' I ever really stuck to regarding colours, I love red and pink together but could never get my head around black and navy.

Are there any colours you won't wear together?  Do you follow any fashion rules?


  1. Wow, I love the dress! The little bats are too cute xx

  2. Oh how have I not seen this dress, I love the bats!

  3. Funny you mention red and pink. Wore that recently myself, even though growing up I was told they did not match! :D I have a shirt that I love; it is navy with a black collar. As far as rules, I guess I am still old-fashioned as far as putting white shoes and bags away at a certain date and then not bringing them back out until a certain date!! Love the dress, and those shoes are brilliant!


  4. Your hair is delicious. I love it so much - soooooo shiny and lush!


  5. I've never seen the deal over wearing black and navy together - I think they go well together! I wear them together a lot :)
    Gorgeous dress. Absolutely loving your term 'wardrobe zoo'! xx

  6. Love this dress with your hair, it really makes the colour pop!

    Maria xxx

  7. Gorgeous dress, and yey for sleeves!

  8. I love that dress! I'm partial to a nice print, might have to have a nosy on the Sugarhill boutique site!

  9. love the dress its so cute, I wish you would smile properly in yours photos though!!

  10. Oh yes, I'm a big fan of blue and navy together. Those shoes are FAB!

    I'm terrible when people take my blog photos. They always try and make me look at the camera or smile and I just can't! You don't look smirky at all though.


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