Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Where To Buy Jersey/Knit Fabric

I have been promising to write this post for a while so apologies for the delay, as you may have seen over on instagram I have been busy sewing a holiday wardrobe!  I much prefer dresses with sleeves but it will defo be too hot for that on holiday so I have been making sleeveless Lady Skater and Emery dresses and have bought a few new cropped cardigans to wear with them when required.  I have managed to make 16 dresses so far and still have fabric for a few more, not sure they will all make the cut but it's better to have too many to choose from isn't it.  Anyways onto where I buy my jersey fabric from...

I have been asked many times how I manage to find cool prints in jersey, they really are not that easy to come by but I am always dedicated to the cause so have spent many hours hunting them down.  It's a good job I enjoy looking at pretty fabrics ;)  Buying knits online can be a bit hit and miss as the fabric description can be the same but feel totally different in person.  I have learned I don't like viscose jersey, it is way too drapey for the Lady Skater - that skirt needs some body!  It is probably perfect for the Colette Moneta though with it's gathered skirt and I have seen many lovely versions in viscose jersey.  Polyester can be both yucky and fab, it is all down to the finish of the fabric.  The banana dress I made is in a yucky polyester, I have worn it once and it is now bobbled where my bag was resting against it so it has been put away for my holiday and will probably be retired when I return.  Very sad when that happens.  This leaf print dress is also a polyester jersey but it's slinky to the touch, hangs beautifully and looks more dressy as a result.  That gets a big thumbs up from me and I would love to buy more of this kind of poly jersey but it's hard to work out which type you're going to be getting online.  I mostly plump for cotton jersey, anything with an elastane content of 5%+ and much prefer European jerseys to any of the 'designer' jerseys I have tried.  They are a lovely weight, wash well and hang beautifully.  I'm in the UK so my recommendations are UK/Europe based, it's not really worth buying from the US at the moment with the value of the pound and custom charges.

I scour eBay for new jersey fabric and will often take a punt on a fabric if I love the print and the price is right. I have bought Liberty jersey from eBay for under £10 a metre and although it is viscose I have learned if I line them with a cotton jersey then that gives them more structure and plain cotton jersey is as cheap as chips on eBay and available in a full rainbow of colours.

The following shops have a really good choice of jersey prints and mostly specialise in jersey. They are all new to me since sewing with jersey and I have ordered from most of them.  While jersey seems expensive at around £20/m for the European brands I use much less fabric, I use 1.5m for a sleeved Lady Skater compared to 2.5m for a sleeved Emery dress.

The following shops specialise in, or have a large dressmaking fabric selection so have a good choice of jersey fabrics:

This next bunch sell a mixture of all fabrics and are my go to shops for stalking new arrivals of all fabric types. They have really good selections of quality jersey:

I also buy a lot of jersey on Etsy, mostly from UK sellers though a couple are German.  My favourite stores are:

My favourite European jersey brands are as follows, some of them can be easily bought in the UK others less so:

So there we have it, hopefully something for everyone.  Please let me know if you have found any other gems I should be checking out in the comments.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Sewing stripes with myfabrics

You might have seen over on Instagram, I have been busy sewing up a storm and making all the jersey dresses recently.  Finding interesting prints in jersey fabric is not that easy but I have been searching tirelessly and compiling a list that I will be sharing soon.  Good job I am an expert shopper hey!  One of my recent discoveries is so I was excited when they got in touch asking to collaborate. I had already gotten lost in their vast selection of jersey and purchased various colours of bargain ribbing along with the elastic recommended to me by Daisy Crumpet as being the best clear elastic she has found.  I can concur, the elastic is great and far superior to the stuff I was buying on eBay.

I finally managed to decide on three lengths of jersey and a pack of elastic.  The items were shipped promptly and take a couple of days to arrive from Germany.  All three fabrics are a lovely quality and came out of the pre-wash looking as good as they did going in.  I've never actually taken the time to measure before and after pre-wash to see how much shrinking occurs, maybe it is something I will make a note to try and remember to do.  Ignoring the last couple of days (I'm back in a sweater dress!) we have actually had something resembling Summer so I decided to make up the turquoise stripes and leave the other two fabrics for later in the year.

For this Lady Skater dress I raised the front neckline up and scooped out the back.  I can't really have scooped front and back with sleeves as I have tiny shoulders and spend most of my time pulling it back up my shoulders, so annoying!  I went with chevron stripes on the skirt again as I think it looks much better this way than cutting the stripes horizontally on a circle skirt.  It is a bit of a faff and takes more brain power but the end result is worth it.  I use a seam tape to stabilise my hems and decided to give it a go when lining up the stripes on the skirt and see how it fared over pins and it is now my go to method, so much quicker with very little movement when sewing, result!  With stripes I always sew the seam on my sewing machine first before moving to the overlocker as my overlocker likes to move the start of the fabric no matter how tightly I try to hold it together.

(ignore the redness, I had sat with my back to the sun for a whole five minutes!)

Dress: Made by me using Aqua Blue Stripe Jersey fabric from*
Pattern: Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo
Shoes: Cath Kidston

I am very excited to be able to offer you guys a discount code against your next purchase at!  The code is million and saves £10 off a £50 purchase. 

(The voucher may be redeemed only once per order and per customer and may not be combined with other vouchers.  The minimum order value is £50.  The voucher is valid until 30th September 2016)

Do let me know what you order, they have such a vast selection of all types of fabrics that I might have missed something totally amazing!  Happy shopping.


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