Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Teal Lady Skater

I've been perfecting my sewing with knits skills ready to tackle this beautiful wool mix jersey from Sew Essential.  I initially went for this fabric because it's my favourite shade of teal and I haven't made any block colour dresses yet but when I saw it was 18% wool I was really intrigued to see what it was like.  It has a lovely weight to it but is really drapey at the same time meaning it hangs beautifully.  It feels really luxurious to touch and sews up like a dream.  I'm thinking the wool will help as a temperature regulator too - breathable in the summer and warm in the winter and will report back when I find out.  It is the most expensive of the fabrics I have used so far coming in at £13.80 per half metre but I personally think it is worth that price tag and can see a navy version in my future sewing plans.  I originally planned to make the Out and About dress with this fabric but am glad it has become a Lady Skater instead, this also meant I over estimated the amount of fabric required so Gray may be getting a matching tee at some point!  Gray can now see the benefit of me sewing and has asked me to recreate his favourite tee.

As this is a solid print fabric I knew the hem would be pretty visible so wanted to give my twin needles their first outing.  I had bought both ballpoint and stretch twin needles in preparation and set up my new Janome DKS100 with two spools, inserted the ballpoint needles and grabbed a scrap to see how it looked and disaster!  The right hand needle was mostly skipped stitches so I re-threaded the machine, changed the bobbin, changed the presser foot tension and nothing made any difference.  I was ready to give up when I decided to switch the needles for the stretch ones and low and behold it worked perfectly straight away.  I had read that ballpoint was best for jersey type knits and stretch for high lycra content such as swimwear so thought I was opting for the right one.  I haven't been able to find any other details about how to choose the right type of twin needle so if you have any info I would love to hear it.  I am really pleased with how the hem eventually turned out and have used it on a couple of dresses since.

Sew Essential offer up a lovely range of dressmaking fabrics, I have my eye on some of this scrummy velvet for an Autumn/Winter version of the Lady Skater.  How perfect would that be?!  Christmas party dress sorted.  I can't believe I mentioned the C word already, haha.  Apologies for the squinting in the photos, I need to remember to wait til the sun has gone down before attempting outfit photos. Direct sunlight is not the most flattering, I am all squinty with too many harsh shadows but the dress looks ace so ho-hum.

Shoes: Orla Kiely x Clarks



  1. Loved the fabric so much I bought some, and some of the violet. But I think it is £13.80 per metre, that's what I paid

    1. You're right, I saw the price and the 0.5 increments so thought it was priced per half metre, in that case it's a bargain! Violet sounds lovely, what have you made with it?

    2. I will be making a so sew easy (free pattern) wrap dress, a long version for a party in January. I have made some summer versions here http://ruthcreates247.blogspot.co.uk
      I am considering the skater dress for the teal, or combining the wrap top from the so sew easy dress with the skater skirt. Love all your dresses and fabrics you use! I'm becoming a fan of making lots of the same style of dress!

    3. Ah thank you, I only wear the same style dress so it makes sense to me. The lady skater and the Emery though different fabrics and different types of skirt still give pretty much the same silhouette. I'm off to go look at your versions :)

  2. That jersey looks lovely. I have some teal ponte earmarked for a lady skater (must get my skates on ;o)

  3. This is stunning, I love this colour on you!

    Maria xxx

  4. Your dress is so beautiful and your shoes are cool.

  5. I enjoyed your blog very much.Anyway thanks for sharing this blog here.

  6. Such a pretty look! I like the color of your dress!


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