Thursday, 30 June 2016


When I first decided to start sewing with knit fabrics I had a good look around to see what was on offer, I am all about the prints after all.  I knew from my many hours trawling the internet that it's much harder to get hold of cute knit fabric than it is cute wovens.  I remembered Lizzy House bringing out her Hit Parade collection of knits so had a look to see if I could get my hands on probably my favourite print of all time, Cattitude in raspberry.  I hunted high and low but all I could find was either combined with super high shipping prices meaning I really had to want that fabric or less than what I needed in stock.  Booooo.

I hadn't made my mind up whether to splash out and just place an order when kawaii fabric shop Modes4U got in touch to collaborate.  I have bought fabric from Modes4U numerous times and have always been really happy with both the service and the fabric I have received.  I hadn't thought to look there for knit fabric but low and behold there nestling among to rest of the designer knit fabrics was my beloved Cattitude described as 'dark brown cat knit fabric'.  No wonder I couldn't find it!  As you can see it is a lovely cranberry shade with bright pink cat faces on it, not a trace of brown in sight.  The description was a blessing for me though as it meant there was still stock and I was going to get to make my third dress in this print.  Okay, yes that might be a little excessive but the first was made early into my sewing journey and as I loved it so much I wanted to make it again in a better fit and the third one is jersey which is obviously totally different and doesn't count ;) Haha.

Modes4U often have great discounts on their fabrics and have such a vast range that I never struggle to get my order to the value required for free shipping.  I really like the way they list their fabrics too, they include a close up of the print as well as a picture of the fabric on the bolt so you can get a good idea of scale.  They also include specific details on the fabric such as the dimensions of the cat faces for this print along with fabric weight and washing instructions.  The listing contained a warning that this fabric can shrink by up to 20% so I opted for 2 metres instead of my usual 1.5 to make sure I had enough fabric.  I should have measured the length before and after washing but didn't think to but I can confirm I wouldn't have been able to get the Lady Skater dress out of 1.5 metres so bear that in mind when ordering knits from Andover.  I have bought knits from most of the big fabric manufacturers now so I can compare them and how well they wash and wear, more on that in a future blog post.  This fabric was been pre-washed ready for sewing and came out of the washing machine looking the same as it did when it went in - no fading is always a good sign!  It is a lovely weight, sewed up nicely and is great to wear.  It's defo my happy dress, how can you not be happy when dressed in pink kitties?!

Dress: Made by me using Lizzy House Cattitude cat fabric from Modes4U*
Pattern: Lady Skater Dress by Kitschy Coo
Shoes: Orla Kiely x Clarks



  1. Cute! You can also look into custom printed fabrics. They are usually more expensive though.

    1. Thanks! I have ordered both woven cotton and cotton jersey from Spoonflower before and was so disappointed with the quality,both fabric types faded a lot after the prewash. The jersey was especially bad, it was bought to make trousers for my baby nephew and didn't end up being used.

  2. I'm definitely checking this shop out as sometimes it can be difficult to find the fabric you want. I've never sewn with knitted fabric before, you've done an amazing job and I love the print of the dress and the style of it, it really is figure flattering. Gorgeous! XxxX

  3. Cute design!


  4. This dress is AMAZING, I love the colours and print!

    Maria xxx


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