Thursday, 23 June 2016

Cats Eyes and Polka Dots

I am finally getting round to sharing this post a couple of weeks after the photos were taken.  Notice the glorious sunshine? Yeah, I'm actually missing that.  The reason for the delay is for the last two weeks I have had a really heavy cold.  A proper scabby nose from all the blowing, voice losing, sinuses killing cold.  In June.  Seriously.  I cannot remember the last time I had a cold and I am almost certain I haven't had one like this since I was a child.  What on earth is going on.  I am about 75% recovered now, I don't think I am contagious anymore and I am back to just constantly sniffing and having an annoying tickly cough.  Lucky me.

Anyways the woe is me aside that is not why I am here today, I am here to share these beautiful Alexa sunglasses from my pals at Glasses Direct.  I love Glasses Direct, they always arrive super quick and more importantly my prescription is always spot on.  I usually opt for London Retro frames but this time I decided to browse through their own collection appropriately named The Collection.  I think they are really good value and there are so many nice styles to choose from.  I went for the Alexa firstly because of the shape, I do love a good pair of cats eyes and secondly because they are a really subtle teal snakeskin print.  I thought they would look perfect as sunglasses though they would look pretty awesome with clear lenses too. I really like the Andi and the Belladonna frames, in fact there are loads of pairs I would go for as regular glasses and they start at just £25!

I am having to wear glasses over contact lenses more and more and while I have a couple of pairs of London Retro glasses that I love and wear in rotation I didn't have any prescription sunglasses in my most recent prescription.  The lenses are both anti reflection and polarised so they are great for wearing while driving and help reduce the likelihood of a glare induced migraine. I am really taken with them, just need a bit more sunshine so I can get to wear them please.

Shoes: Asos (Old)
Sunglasses: The Collection Alexa Glasses from Glasses Direct*



  1. I love this whole outfit - sunglasses, of course, but also the combination of lovely dress, tights and shoes. Kx

  2. I adore your dress and absolutely love your shed, best photo background ever! I've bought glasses a few times from Glasses Direct before and they have a great service. I really need to sort out my prescription sunglasses for summer and these look like a great style, thanks for sharing! XxxX


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