Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Made By Me #192

It's finally the time of year I always look forward to - still cold enough to wear tights but warm enough to drop the coat. It's taken it's time this getting here this year and I have a feeling if I blink I might miss it and be already melting in my black tights.  The other downside to the brighter days is me squinting in photos.  I was certain I had managed to open my eyes wider than a squint but nope it wasn't to be.  The downside to having pale eyes.

I mentioned on Instagram that this dress and I are only just on talking terms, I had to do some serious surgery on the neckline as it had stretched out loads despite not being handled much and being stay-stitched as soon as it had been cut out.  I ended up removing the facing and replacing it with bias binding and despite it's flaws it is one of my current favourites.  I don't really have much grey in my wardrobe but whenever I wear it I remember how much I love it.  The print looks like someone has been both splattering a fountain pen over it and then leaving that pen in the (imaginary) pocket. It's awesome.

I decided to keep the rest of my outfit simple going for some black spotty tights and my new Rocket Dog pumps.  The pumps have a platform sole which isn't really noticeable but makes them oh so comfy.  The first time I wore them I wondered if I was going to regret not breaking them in and end up reaching for the blister plasters but nope they were perfect from the off.  I really like the shade of grey, it's a washed grey and will be perfect over the summer for teaming with many of my dresses.  They also come in a washed pink and mint along with a few other colours.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen I have changed my hair colour to what is now looking nice and peachy.  I am still adjusting to my lighter hair and keep getting a shock when I catch a glimpse of my reflection.  I'll be sure to share some better photos soon.

Dress: Made by me using Ink Print Double Gauze
Shoes: Rocket Dog*



  1. I like this print on you :) More casual then some of your other prints :)

    Love Paige Joanna


  2. This is such a lovely dress, you clearly have a fabulous talent xx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    1. Thanks Sam, such a nice thing to say - you've made my day!


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