Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday Wants

It looks like Spring may finally have arrived and while I am not ready to ditch the opaques any time soon I am ready to let some sunshine into my wardrobe.  Guess it will be snowing this weekend now then, yeah!  I always think I don't like summer but in reality I just don't like being hot and bothered, I do love it when the skies are blue and everywhere is bright and cheery.  Spring is perfect for me, after the gloom of Winter where you are fighting to keep out the chill and everywhere is dark nearly all the time it is so uplifting to get to Spring and see nature come out of hibernation and do it's thing.

I am loving Lazy Oaf dresses at the moment, so many awesome prints that cannot fail to put a smile on your face.  This one is basically like you're just wearing Summer and it is perfect.  I have some strawberry double gauze fabric waiting to be made into a dress though it's quite a bit larger in scale than this dress and not quite as cute.

According to Asos this is a picnic dress, not really sure what a picnic dress is but I like it!  I am a sucker for gingham and especially love the scale used for this dress.  It's pretty perfect.

 Dress: Asos

This too is a picnic dress apparently!  The bodice on this one is double layered with a split down the back.  I love the placement of the stripes across the front of the bodice, they stripes have also been used horizontally on the bodice back which you get a peek of through the split back.  You defo need this bag with this dress, a perfect match.  I want to go on a picnic now, who is with me?!

Dress: Asos



  1. I will spring and so I love images, design and style from this content.

  2. Can't see the strawberries boo to my phone!!!! Love that chevron dress though!!!

  3. Oooh I love these all so much.


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