Friday, 8 April 2016

Made By Me #179

I had a bit of time to blog this week and thankfully had already taken these photos, no way I would have gotten any with my skirt where it should be with the wind we have had the last couple of days.   Still with the lighter evenings and the fleeting sunshine I am happy it is starting to feel Spring-like. Plus it is Friday and everything is that bit happier on a Friday, especially when you have your girls visiting for the weekend.  Yay!

I absolutely adore this fabric, had a tough time deciding between this and the navy colour-way so was excited when I finally ordered and it arrived - stuck it straight in the washing machine and got it ready to cut out.  All good so far until I discovered a flaw on the bodice after I had cut it all out, overlocked and sewn the bodice darts.  Boooooo!!  Typical that the flaw would end up taking centre stage on my lovely bodice, had it ended up on the skirt you wouldn't even notice it.  I was going to add some gold embroidery over the flawed hexagon's to create a bit of detail as well as hide the flaw but the fabric is too loosely woven to take it.  Would rather a flaw than a hole.  Anyways flaw aside I bloody love this fabric, I mean just look at those gold bees!! Too cute.

Same interfacing issue as this dress unfortunately, that's what happens when you whip up a few dresses without wearing any of them first.  It isn't that noticeable in real life and the facing doesn't stick and ride up anymore so I am just going to chalk it up as experience now I know I need to interface my double gauze facings from now on.  Which I have been doing successfully, yay!  I have recently gone back to the original pattern and made my required adjustments again instead of just bodging the pattern smaller and I am much happier with the resulting fit.   Would anyone be interested in reading about the adjustments I need and how I did them?

Dress: Made by me using Honeycomb Double Gauze by Kokka



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