Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday Wants

This week is Fashion Revolution week, an annual event that came about following the tragedy at the Rana Plaza factory almost three years ago. It serves as an annual reminder of the damage that fast fashion is having on our world and reminds us to make educated choices - if those jeans are retailing for £6 it's pretty obvious the person making them isn't being treated fairly.  I know this doesn't mean that more expensive clothing including designer wear is made in better circumstances but how cheaply an item is retailing for makes it pretty obvious it was cheap to produce.  I rarely buy clothing now I make my own so I can tell you exactly who made the majority of my clothing - me!  And I can also tell you the amount of work involved in producing a garment, would I make you a dress for 23p an hour?  Not on your life!  I have mentioned this before but if you haven't watched the True Cost movie I really recommend it.  It's not an easy watch but it's so important to be educated. You can buy it via iTunes or Amazon or you can now watch it on Netflix.

So with this in mind I have put together a wishlist containing clothing that has been manufactured by companies that ensure the garment workers receive a fair wage for their work.  First up are People Tree, my favourite ethical retailer.  I took part in last years #FashRev campaign with People Tree and through reading up on their ethics it helped me become more aware of the issues involved.  I really love the ditsy print on this cute little summer dress, definitely something that would be loved for many years.

 Dress: People Tree
Braintree as a brand is pretty new to me.  When I first spotted their dresses on the House of Fraser website I had a little look into them and found out they have awesome ethics as well as many timeless items.  I really love this chambray dress and will be recreating my own version of it soon, I have the perfect heart print chambray which will look fab as my favourite Emery dress pattern.
 Dress: Braintree
The next three brands are all a little different, their dresses are all made in the UK where you know the worker will be paid a living wage as a minimum and where basic rights are protected.  Their clothing is well made and classic plus it is made to last, you won't be wearing these beauties a couple of times before consigning them to the recycle bin.  I love Mod Dolly, their dresses are always the right balance of cutsy.  I really love Mandi sun dress especially in this fabric - adorable!
Dress: Mod Dolly

I owned a fair few Closet dresses before I started sewing and I really loved them.  They have all either been gifted to friends or donated to charity now but I still adore the brand and keep an eye on their collections for inspiration.  They always offer up a great silhouette and an interesting colour palette.  My favourite is this bright yellow full skirted dress with an interesting high neck detail.

 Dress: Closet

I still own a Victory Parade dress, I couldn't bear to part with this beauty.  The other dresses went to new homes and I even used the same fabric as one of the ones I sold to make my own version.  Their dresses are beautifully made and truly timeless.  Everyone I know who owns one absolutely adores it and wants other styles/fabrics - the quality speaks for itself.

If you want to join in with #FashRev, upload a selfie of you showing your label and ask the brand #whomademyclothing.  You can find out more here.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wednesday Wants

It looks like Spring may finally have arrived and while I am not ready to ditch the opaques any time soon I am ready to let some sunshine into my wardrobe.  Guess it will be snowing this weekend now then, yeah!  I always think I don't like summer but in reality I just don't like being hot and bothered, I do love it when the skies are blue and everywhere is bright and cheery.  Spring is perfect for me, after the gloom of Winter where you are fighting to keep out the chill and everywhere is dark nearly all the time it is so uplifting to get to Spring and see nature come out of hibernation and do it's thing.

I am loving Lazy Oaf dresses at the moment, so many awesome prints that cannot fail to put a smile on your face.  This one is basically like you're just wearing Summer and it is perfect.  I have some strawberry double gauze fabric waiting to be made into a dress though it's quite a bit larger in scale than this dress and not quite as cute.

According to Asos this is a picnic dress, not really sure what a picnic dress is but I like it!  I am a sucker for gingham and especially love the scale used for this dress.  It's pretty perfect.

 Dress: Asos

This too is a picnic dress apparently!  The bodice on this one is double layered with a split down the back.  I love the placement of the stripes across the front of the bodice, they stripes have also been used horizontally on the bodice back which you get a peek of through the split back.  You defo need this bag with this dress, a perfect match.  I want to go on a picnic now, who is with me?!

Dress: Asos


Friday, 8 April 2016

Made By Me #179

I had a bit of time to blog this week and thankfully had already taken these photos, no way I would have gotten any with my skirt where it should be with the wind we have had the last couple of days.   Still with the lighter evenings and the fleeting sunshine I am happy it is starting to feel Spring-like. Plus it is Friday and everything is that bit happier on a Friday, especially when you have your girls visiting for the weekend.  Yay!

I absolutely adore this fabric, had a tough time deciding between this and the navy colour-way so was excited when I finally ordered and it arrived - stuck it straight in the washing machine and got it ready to cut out.  All good so far until I discovered a flaw on the bodice after I had cut it all out, overlocked and sewn the bodice darts.  Boooooo!!  Typical that the flaw would end up taking centre stage on my lovely bodice, had it ended up on the skirt you wouldn't even notice it.  I was going to add some gold embroidery over the flawed hexagon's to create a bit of detail as well as hide the flaw but the fabric is too loosely woven to take it.  Would rather a flaw than a hole.  Anyways flaw aside I bloody love this fabric, I mean just look at those gold bees!! Too cute.

Same interfacing issue as this dress unfortunately, that's what happens when you whip up a few dresses without wearing any of them first.  It isn't that noticeable in real life and the facing doesn't stick and ride up anymore so I am just going to chalk it up as experience now I know I need to interface my double gauze facings from now on.  Which I have been doing successfully, yay!  I have recently gone back to the original pattern and made my required adjustments again instead of just bodging the pattern smaller and I am much happier with the resulting fit.   Would anyone be interested in reading about the adjustments I need and how I did them?

Dress: Made by me using Honeycomb Double Gauze by Kokka


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wednesday Wants

I've seen a few people complain that they are finding it hard to find cute skater style dresses or to know what to wear to work recently and while I don't have to wear anything formal to work it got me thinking that I often go for the show stoppers for my wishlists, dresses that the majority wouldn't really wear as day wear (obvs excluding you and I, Char!) so with this in mind I have ignored all those massive skirted dresses in their fancy fabrics and tried to rein it in!

I have lived in my Seasalt coat for the last few months.  Affectionately renamed ugly coat as it is totally not my go to style and more something my Mum would wear (sorry Mum) it has served me well being both waterproof and snuggly warm.  I got it half price from a local stockist so can forgive it for being ugly and plan to upgrade to one that doesn't have a bright pink lining next winter now I know it is worth every penny.  Anyhow I digress.  I hadn't really looked at Seasalt dresses before I discovered their coats and now I wish I had known about them ages ago.  I could have picked a number of dresses to share here but in the end opted for this beautiful shirt dress.  I adore the mix of colours, the shape is fantastic and the length spot on.  Would work right now with a little cardi (I would go for navy) and see you through summer.  Can't see you having a bad day when you are wearing such a happy dress.  They also have lots of yumminess to come, the lovely folk over at The Whiting Post shared this dress on their instagram - oh my days!! That has my name all over it plus it's barkcloth!

 Dress: Seasalt

You can always rely on Yumi for a good print or two.  I love this house print dress, the back cut out adds a really nice detail.  I don't like that the model has been over airbrushed in the photos though so I went for image of just the pretty dress.  Why do brands do this?!  There is an image of the dress and another girl in a matching skirt where you can see that the dress is a lovely fit, the sleeves are really nice.

 Dress: Yumi

I was really intrigued when I saw this Asos dress is described as 'natural fibre skater dress' turns out to Asos natural fibre includes a 100% polyester lining! haha.  It's still cute plus the stripe matching is pretty impressive for RTW, it is perfect on the back bodice over the zip.  Kudos Asos.

Dress: Asos


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