Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday Wants

Something exciting has happened this week, asos has launched it's very own bridal collection!  The collection includes their own budget busting dresses along with a beautifully curated collection featuring brands such as Chi Chi London and TFNC.  Prices start at just £65 too, hopefully this is the shake up the overpriced wedding industry needs.  I mean look at this beauty for just £72!  I also love that the collection is more inclusive and includes plus size as well as petite and tall options.

I really love this cornflower blue lace dress.  The colour is just beautiful!  It's in the bridesmaids section but I would totally wear this dress for any occasion.  Only thing you may want to do going forward is check where the bridesmaids dresses are from, wouldn't wanna turn up in the same dress.  Unless of course you really wanted to be party of the bridal party ;)

 Dress: asos

One style often doesn't suit all, this beautiful print is in a range of different styles that should make the pickiest of bridesmaids happy.  I love the middle one, that has my name all over it!

 Dress: asos

There is also a range of dresses available in co-ordinating colours so if you did opt for the same style you could still mix it up a bit.  This dress is also available in the Chi Chi Plus collection, nice joined up thinking Chi Chi London!

 Dress: Chi Chi London

My bridesmaids wore high street dresses, in fact they were a few years old so I had to find them on eBay.  The dresses were from Oasis and was my favourite ever party dress at the time and went really well with my theme.  Personally I wouldn't have changed a thing about my dress, it was handcrafted just for me and was exactly what I wanted.  I felt like a million dollars in it and it was worth every penny. 



  1. Oh, that lace one is lovely. It reminds me of a dress I used to have as a kid.

  2. I still adore your tiny heart brooches you made for your guests! They are so pretty and really added to the outfit if the Bridesmaids!! X

  3. I love the patterned bridesmaid dresses. If I manage to convince my husband to do a vow renewal these are going to the top of my list. Would look great for an Amalfi Coast set event

  4. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.


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