Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Wants

I've not made many novelty print dresses recently mostly because I was kinda starting my wardrobe all over again as the majority is now too big and I needed more functional dresses that would work for most occasions.  I almost have this covered now so will be sewing some much needed fun back into my wardrobe shortly!  I have some uber cute red pandas and unicorns patiently waiting their turn.  There seems to be a distinct lack of cute prints around at the moment so I have put together my favourites for this week's wishlist.

Gnomes!  Gray bought me the now sold out PJ bottoms and a matching mug for Christmas so I am excited that the print has made it onto a dress too.  I would personally prefer the background to be the same blue of the PJs but still, gnomes!!  I bloody love these scissors too, not sure if they will be making it into my sewing room though given the review.  hehe.

 Dress: Cath Kidston

My oh my!  I had to take a trip into town to go stroke this beautiful dress.  It is even more striking in real life, the print is just perfect.  I haven't tried the Claudia on before but she looks like a girl I could fall for.  I am really excited to see the new Emily and Fin collection, these nautical ones are on pre-order and oh boy are they stunners!

I am really loving the new Lazy Oaf dress collection, they are just so fun and happy and full of the joys of Spring.  I gave a shout out to the heart print dress and the rainbow dress recently and feel that I can't miss out the patches dress.  I haven't been able to work out if the patches are indeed patches or a print but either way it is bloody awesome and I am all heart eye emoji over here.

Dress: Lazy Oaf



  1. I love all three dresses-so fun and pretty!!!
    The gnomes are so sweet!!! I finally managed to get hold of that ice-lolly E&F dress like yours, do you remember I totally loved it?! I found a brand new one on EBay after months of stalking!x

    1. I do remember! Yay for finally getting hold of it, it's always the ones that got away you never forget.


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