Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Made By Me #183

Morning campers.  Hope your week has been brightened by all the sun we had yesterday, can only mean Spring is round the corner and it will start to get a bit warmer.  Yay!  Did almost end in disaster for me though, I had forgotten about the sun and the warmth of it's rays and left a twix on my desk... said twix is now recovering in the fridge and I am not looking forward to trying to get that wrapper off.  Remember to keep your chocolate in the fridge, kids.

I cannot tell you how much I love this fabric.  The colour is just amazing, so vibrant and the perfect shade of teal but that's only part of it.  I have sewn a fair bit of double gauze recently from multiple manufacturers and I have to say that the Cloud 9 double gauze is the nicest of them all.  If feels amazing to touch as it has such a soft handle.  I am totally in love.  So much so I ordered this print as soon as the teal one arrived and now I have worn it I think I might just have to order the remaining two colour ways too.  It is honestly that nice.

You might notice that the front of the neckline is sitting a little strange on me.  I made my own facings to use with the Emery bodice rather than the lining the pattern calls for.  I hadn't bothered interfacing them before as the quilting cotton I use really doesn't need it but the double gauze was sticking to itself causing the facing to wrinkle and generally annoy me so I have added a bit of interfacing as an afterthought and it's not quite right.  As a result of this I have interfaced the last couple double gauze dresses I have made before construction and it has worked a treat.  Not sure what I can do about this one now though.  It doesn't look that bad IRL but does sit a little proud around the centre of the neckline now.  Any ideas?



  1. I love this colour at the moment and I'll bet that double gauze is lovely to wear ;o)

  2. The colour is simply amazing. It's a dress for all seasons and occasions. Love it. It suits you.


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