Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Wednesday Wants

I've been on the hunt for cute printed dresses as they are few and far between at the moment.  I have to say I have found some bloody awesome dresses though, all available from House of Fraser who offer free click and collect which is always a winner in my book.  I much prefer using click and collect than having to either pay for delivery or wait in all day for a parcel to arrive.

I love cactus and succulents so was obviously going to fall for this awesome Yumi print.  I spied it a few weeks ago but only with a pale pink background which is way too close to my skin tone to be flattering so thought nothing of it until I found it comes in navy too.  Love at first sight. 

Dress: Yumi

I hadn't actually heard of Braintree before this awesome Paris print caught my eye.  I did a little research and it turns out they use organic and sustainable fabrics for their dresses, a big winner.  If you haven't seen the True Cost movie yet it's now on Netflix and well worth a watch.

 Dress: Braintree

I'm always getting my head turned by navy and this classic combination had me weak at the knees.  I can't stop thinking how awesome it will look with this bag.  Yes please!

 Dress: Jolie Moi


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Wednesday Wants

Something exciting has happened this week, asos has launched it's very own bridal collection!  The collection includes their own budget busting dresses along with a beautifully curated collection featuring brands such as Chi Chi London and TFNC.  Prices start at just £65 too, hopefully this is the shake up the overpriced wedding industry needs.  I mean look at this beauty for just £72!  I also love that the collection is more inclusive and includes plus size as well as petite and tall options.

I really love this cornflower blue lace dress.  The colour is just beautiful!  It's in the bridesmaids section but I would totally wear this dress for any occasion.  Only thing you may want to do going forward is check where the bridesmaids dresses are from, wouldn't wanna turn up in the same dress.  Unless of course you really wanted to be party of the bridal party ;)

 Dress: asos

One style often doesn't suit all, this beautiful print is in a range of different styles that should make the pickiest of bridesmaids happy.  I love the middle one, that has my name all over it!

 Dress: asos

There is also a range of dresses available in co-ordinating colours so if you did opt for the same style you could still mix it up a bit.  This dress is also available in the Chi Chi Plus collection, nice joined up thinking Chi Chi London!

 Dress: Chi Chi London

My bridesmaids wore high street dresses, in fact they were a few years old so I had to find them on eBay.  The dresses were from Oasis and was my favourite ever party dress at the time and went really well with my theme.  Personally I wouldn't have changed a thing about my dress, it was handcrafted just for me and was exactly what I wanted.  I felt like a million dollars in it and it was worth every penny. 


Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Made By Me #183

Morning campers.  Hope your week has been brightened by all the sun we had yesterday, can only mean Spring is round the corner and it will start to get a bit warmer.  Yay!  Did almost end in disaster for me though, I had forgotten about the sun and the warmth of it's rays and left a twix on my desk... said twix is now recovering in the fridge and I am not looking forward to trying to get that wrapper off.  Remember to keep your chocolate in the fridge, kids.

I cannot tell you how much I love this fabric.  The colour is just amazing, so vibrant and the perfect shade of teal but that's only part of it.  I have sewn a fair bit of double gauze recently from multiple manufacturers and I have to say that the Cloud 9 double gauze is the nicest of them all.  If feels amazing to touch as it has such a soft handle.  I am totally in love.  So much so I ordered this print as soon as the teal one arrived and now I have worn it I think I might just have to order the remaining two colour ways too.  It is honestly that nice.

You might notice that the front of the neckline is sitting a little strange on me.  I made my own facings to use with the Emery bodice rather than the lining the pattern calls for.  I hadn't bothered interfacing them before as the quilting cotton I use really doesn't need it but the double gauze was sticking to itself causing the facing to wrinkle and generally annoy me so I have added a bit of interfacing as an afterthought and it's not quite right.  As a result of this I have interfaced the last couple double gauze dresses I have made before construction and it has worked a treat.  Not sure what I can do about this one now though.  It doesn't look that bad IRL but does sit a little proud around the centre of the neckline now.  Any ideas?


Friday, 4 March 2016

Fisherman's Friend

Happy Friday gang.  Hope you've got fun plans for the weekend ahead, I've got a lunch date, a night out and a meal with the in-laws for Mother's day to look forward to.  At least we haven't been forecast snow round where I live, that makes me want to stay indoors, close the curtains and forget about the outside world.  It's alright for about 5 minutes then it just turns to mucky slush, freezes and makes me fear for my life.  Or at least my dignity while trying to stay upright.

I wanted to share a couple of items that are bringing much joy into my wardrobe.  First up is this gorgeous Orla Kiely backpack that my wonderful girls bought me for my birthday.  It's just awesome and means I'm not tempted to use the black leather bag Gray bought all the time and can keep it for special.  It's a really nice size and I love the easy access front pocket to keep my phone in.  No matter how small a bag I get if my phone goes in the main pouch I can never bloody find it when I need it.  It's also wipe clean vinyl which was really handy when I spilt my coffee over it in a rush to get in the car the other morning!

Yellow is my happy colour.  It's hard to stay in a grump when you're wearing sunshine so I decided I needed this yellow waterproof jacket from Joules to see me through the Spring showers.  It is part of their right as rain collection which is 100% waterproof, I can vouch for that - I've been caught in a few too many showers wearing my other Joules waterproof. I've worn it a few times so far bit it is still a bit too chilly to switch to a jacket so I have mostly worn it in the day.  Not been rained on since I got it, maybe it's also my lucky charm?!  I'm also wearing the dress I shared on Monday with my favourite Clarks x Orla boots and a pair of grey tights.  I have been wearing grey tights quite a bit recently, I bought a pair of pin spot ones just after Christmas and it kinda escalated from there.  I'm actually wearing the pin spot ones in these photos but you can't really tell.  It's been quite hard finding grey tights, maybe they remind too many people of school tights as I can find loads of them!

Coat: Joules
Bag: Orla Kiely
Dress: Made by me using Floral Blooms Barkcloth by Monaluna*


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday Wants

I've not made many novelty print dresses recently mostly because I was kinda starting my wardrobe all over again as the majority is now too big and I needed more functional dresses that would work for most occasions.  I almost have this covered now so will be sewing some much needed fun back into my wardrobe shortly!  I have some uber cute red pandas and unicorns patiently waiting their turn.  There seems to be a distinct lack of cute prints around at the moment so I have put together my favourites for this week's wishlist.

Gnomes!  Gray bought me the now sold out PJ bottoms and a matching mug for Christmas so I am excited that the print has made it onto a dress too.  I would personally prefer the background to be the same blue of the PJs but still, gnomes!!  I bloody love these scissors too, not sure if they will be making it into my sewing room though given the review.  hehe.

 Dress: Cath Kidston

My oh my!  I had to take a trip into town to go stroke this beautiful dress.  It is even more striking in real life, the print is just perfect.  I haven't tried the Claudia on before but she looks like a girl I could fall for.  I am really excited to see the new Emily and Fin collection, these nautical ones are on pre-order and oh boy are they stunners!

I am really loving the new Lazy Oaf dress collection, they are just so fun and happy and full of the joys of Spring.  I gave a shout out to the heart print dress and the rainbow dress recently and feel that I can't miss out the patches dress.  I haven't been able to work out if the patches are indeed patches or a print but either way it is bloody awesome and I am all heart eye emoji over here.

Dress: Lazy Oaf


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