Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wednesday Wants

This week I am all about the shoes.  I have started my annual search for cute closed toe/block heel/mid height shoes - not like I am asking for much now is it!  The signs are promising, there are already some lovely options available which are destined to make their way into my wardrobe.  I am not too fussy about the shape of the toe, I like both round and a bit pointy and somewhere in-between but I draw the line at a slingback.  No matter how much I want to like them I just can't get on board with slingbacks.  Spend most of my time slinging the strap back in place as I have narrow ankles and the rest of my time trying to stop them from giving me blisters.  Slingbacks can get in the sea!

I thought I would be really sad now the Clarks and Orla Kiely collaboration has come to an end and yep while I am still mourning the cute shoes that could have been Clarks have cleverly distracted me with an awesome collaboration with V&A.  It is right up my street and my favourite style by a mile is the Faye.  She ticks all my boxes with her cute little block heel and slightly pointy squarish toe but then knocks it out of the park with the print option!  Oh my!!  I mostly wear blue tones so can see them getting worn with everything.  They are also available in black and white and nude, not quite as awesome as the floral imho.

Shoes: Clarks x V&A 

These cuties are almost perfect, a few other colour options and an inch shorter in the heel and all of my shoe woes would be over.  They come in both baby blue and a peachy nude.  I'm still deliberating over which colour would get the most wear, which would you go for?

Shoes: asos 

I had kinda forgotten Topshop do shoes tbh.  The selection in my local store is pretty poor and nothing has really caught my eye in the last few seasons but now there are two pairs that I could happily make mine.  I really love the monochrome print on this pair and the fact they are pretty reasonable for leather shoes.  Would look ace with a pair of tights too, always a consideration for me!  I also love these Mary Janes, I spent hours looking for a pair like this a few years ago without any success, think that means I need them!

Shoes: Topshop



  1. I love ASOS shoes but they always completely destroy my feet. I bought some chunky monsters from Topshop the other day that are so comfortable!

  2. I love the Clarks V&A collection, especially the Swixties Ball, they're so friggin cute! I'll be keeping my eye on those! The Asos ones are adorable and would be so cute for Spring, I kind of wish they come in black though, I don't know, I see that working better for me right now!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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