Friday, 15 January 2016

Made By Me #170

Hello! How the devil are you all?  I didn't mean to leave it so long in-between posts, I had decided to take Christmas and New Year off and since then everything has been so crazy I just haven't had any time to write.  I spent the evening yesterday making a birthday cake ready for Tate's 3rd party on Saturday.  I really, really hate working with fondant so wasn't sure how it would go and allowed myself two evenings to get it all done.  Thankfully it went pretty well, apart from underestimating the amount of sugar paste I would need for the 6" cake meaning I had to roll it thinner than I would like and it was an absolute bitch to work with that thin.  But it's done and I am pretty happy with it.  I am sure Tate will be amazed and I will be his favourite auntie! I am his only auntie so by default his favourite anyway... ;)  I can have a break from cake making til Fable turns 1 in April, phew!

I made this dress aaaages ago now, 6 weeks according to Instagram.  These photos are pre Christmas and pre my new funky hair cut too.  I look pretty much like a ghost in them too but ya know, the urge to blog coupled with CBA with taking more photos just yet means they are getting used!  I absolutely adore this dress, it is a cotton sateen so a lovely weight with a lovely finish.  Feels pretty luxurious compared to standard cotton and wears really well.  I realise I didn't include a close up of the cute print so here you go, it's cute little deers and although I made it as a Christmas dress it is more of a winter dress so hasn't been put away with the rest of them.  I only have 5 dresses that fit me well at the moment so need this beauty!  I seem to have a thing for spots and dots at the moment, most of the dresses I have on current rotation feature them and the ones I need to get made ready for my 40th birthday are both spotty too.  Urgh, am looking forward to my birthday but not to turning 40.  I'M NOT READY.

I've got a free evening tonight so I am going to whip up a quick dress to give me another choice for work before then making myself two new dresses from cotton sateen fabric to wear for my birthday weekend, I need to schedule in some sewing time over the next week to get it all done in time.  I have missed sewing and am itching to get started, never enough hours in the day.

Dress: Made by me using Spotty Deer fabric by Kokka


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