Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday Wants

I am well into my Christmas dress making and am loving feeling festive as I pick which dress to wear each day.  Some of them have been full on Christmas and shout hey its nearly Christmas at the top of their voices whereas others have been more subtle with just a little nod towards Christmas or even just a bit wintery.  I have had a look around at my favourite Christmassy dresses and have also picked an awesome jumper to share.  It's much better than my advent candle that refuses to burn down to the right day. Think it might get there in time for Christmas next year! 

I had a hard time deciding which Emily and Fin dress to include.  I love this snowflake dress and this snowfall spot dress but ended up plumping for the polar bear Lucy dress.  I mean, polar bears!  The colours are also pretty awesome.

How pretty is this Boden dress?!  I think it's perfect for wearing on Christmas day though I would defo opt for black tights over grey.  It comes in two colourways with the white and gold version getting the gold star from me.

Dress: Boden 

I love this jumper!  I am not an advent calendar kinda girl and my advent candle has been less than successful so this is the perfect alternative.

 Christmas Jumper: asos



  1. The Boden one is cute :)
    I picked up 3 Emily and Fin dresses last week, on ASOS. Two Abigails for £40 each and a Lucy for £19.50.

  2. The Emily and Fin dress is adorable!

    // Oh Dollymix


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