Monday, 7 December 2015

Made By Me #103

I thought I would share one of my favourite Christmas dresses with you today, I made it last year but didn't have chance to feature it.  I have adjusted it so it fits me now and it was well worth the effort, the print is so adorable!  It is a lot of effort to adjust a dress, think it would have been quicker to make one from scratch!! I love the little Robin Redbreasts and the metallic gold trees, you can see the print a bit closer up here.  I have taken it up a good three inches too, the length I used to love is now too long.  The main reason I wanted to post this dress apart from the fact I am wearing it loads in the lead up to Christmas is to show off these ace tights!  How cute are they?!  You can get reindeer and snowman ones too but the trees are defo my favourite.  I made another Christmas dress last night, have another cut out ready for when I get more time to sew and have two waiting to be altered, lets hope I get chance to do them and wear them all before Christmas.

We haven't put our tree up yet, I don't really want to clutter up my newly decorated living room so have been holding off.  Think we are going to do it at the weekend though, Gray says it has to go up so I have delayed it as long as I can.  I love wearing Christmassy outfits but can give or take having an actual tree up.  Have you put yours up yet?  Thankfully we have nearly finished our Christmas shopping too, I don't like not having it done by early December.  No way I am going to wrap all the pressies myself this year, I enjoy doing the first couple but after that just want it over with.  Any tips for making it more fun?!  I am sure alcohol would help but as I don't drink anymore this isn't an option for me.

Dress: Made by me using Christmas Tree fabric by Makower (old)
Tights: asos



  1. Love the tights, and the pretty print on this dress! I haven't made any Xmas dresses this year.

  2. Love the print of this dress - definitely worth all the alterations. Also, those tights are fantastic! I haven't made a new Christmas dress this year but I have been wearing the one I made last year.


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