Friday, 11 December 2015

Finishing Touches

The Christmas decorations are going up this weekend so I wanted to get a few snaps before the clutter of Christmas is in full force!  We have been spending a fair bit of time recently getting the house just how we want it.  It all started with the sewing room last Christmas, we also gave the spare bedroom a fresh look and recently we have redecorated both the living room and the kitchen.  We also tackled the garden but it's looking a bit sorry for itself now especially as we had to have a new fence fitted this week meaning lots of trampling over the flower beds :(  Will have to assess the damage come spring and give it a bit of TLC.  Next I want to repaint the en-suite and downstairs toilet and eventually fit a new bathroom but will need to save some pennies first. 

I've been busy adding lots of little finishing touches, I love finding the perfect item to add a little interest and detail.  I'm getting to the point where I am having to put older stuff away to make room for shiny new things, I have run out of space for stuff!  That hasn't stopped me from finding some awesome new trinkets of course.  Katy, Rosie and I all picked up one of these frames in a recent trip to Primark.  It was only £6 I think and I decided it would look great next to my huge Ikea clock in the hallway.  It might have convinced Katy to redecorate a room so it fits!!

Print: Primark   /   Clock: Ikea

I have added greenery other than cacti to the living room and found a few fab pots to show them off in.  Our living room has quite a retro vibe so Orla Kiely is just perfect.  I also bought a diffuser after Rosie telling me about hers and I love it.  I'm not a massive fan of candles and this adds the perfect amount of scent to the room.  You can read Rosie's review here.

Orla Kiely Plant Pot: Flamingo Gifts*   /   Diffuser: Amazon   /  Plant Pot: H&M

I put this little area together when Gray moved his iMac out of my sewing room and I really love it.  I love how the colours all work together and I especially love the round wall vase I picked up from Tiger for a few pounds, it's perfect for holding my scissors.  

Round vase: Tiger

I mentioned earlier that I am not a big fan of candles, I guess I should clarify that I am not a big fan of actually burning candles.  Ones that look cute are obviously totally different, right?!  I love this Pyro Pet bird candle though I will defo never be burning it.  There is a bird skeleton inside the candle which gets revealed as you burn it.  I want the bunny one too, it's so cute!!

Candle: Flamingo Gifts*

We decided on a mid grey for the kitchen wall in the end with the rest of the kitchen going a lighter shade of grey.  Still need to paint above the units and sort some of the grouting done but I am really happy with it.  It feels like a totally different kitchen. 



  1. So inspired right now! Love you're decor and blog, you have got me on the Emery bandwagon! x

  2. Your house always looks amazing!

    Maria xxx


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