Monday, 30 November 2015

Made By Me #168

Oh boy do I love this little metallic number!  It feels awesome to wear and is perfect party attire though it will defo end up being worn during the day too, it's just too cute to save for special occasions.  There is a problem with it though, it's too big.  It doesn't look that bad in these photos but I have since taken the side seams in by 1" each side which has improved it greatly but I am still not happy.  I am getting some bagging under the bust, any suggestions on how to remove them?  I have already made the waist darts deeper but haven't yet tried shaping the darts as I am not sure if this will fix the issue.  This is the only downside to my fitness journey, I altered my bodice two weeks ago and it fit perfectly.  Bittersweet progress.  My dart points are also pretty obvious IRL, I have pressed and pressed and pressed them but they are still too obvious - any help is much appreciated.  I could really do with finding a fitting 101 class, I am finding it difficult to adjust my pattern to my new changing shape.

I've had to move indoors for photos, it's impossible to get photos where my skirt isn't around my ears with all this wind.  The recent wind has been making it feel oh so cold but I have treated myself to a beautiful new coat.  I was going to go for a warm parka as all I wanted is to be warm but it's really not my style and looked silly with my heels so I decided to go for something with a high wool percentage instead and ended up with this gorgeous Dickins and Jones duffle coat.  It's the perfect length, really warm and I feel great in it.  Will share it on here soon!  I don't like the cold and I don't like the wind, they have conspired and given me a cold sore.  Booooooooooo!!

Did you treat yourself to any Black Friday bargains?  I had a little look and apart from my coat nothing else took my fancy.  Gray and my parents did get my birthday pressies for the end of January though,  might actually be looking forward to my birthday now though still not wanting to turn 40. 



  1. I love the fabric and it looks like the perfect party dress! I wish I knew enough about fitting to help :(

  2. I'm looking forward to you turning 40 as it means a weekend away!

  3. It looks marvellous Sarah! I'm sorry I don't know about sewing to help. Mmmmm, warm coats! I walk 3miles a day so practical and waterproof is a necessity!x

  4. Hi Sarah. Both the dress and fabric are gorgeous. As for the fit, as we lose weight our bodies shrink all over. I’ve done professional alterations all my life. I would recommend that you insert thin shoulder pads. It will give the fabric the lift it needs. The other alternative is to take in the shoulder seams just like you did with the sides. It’s a lot of work. You have to undo the sleeves a bit to get in there. It’s well worth the effort considering how beautiful all your dresses are.

    1. Hi Debora, thanks for your advice. What alteration would you recommend for the shoulders, just taking them in straight across the shoulder? I used to wear shoulder pads in RTW dresses as I have tiny shoulders, it's such a pain! Do you have any advice for under the bust/the darts? I can email over some photos if you're willing to help.

    2. Hello again Sarah. In order to take in the shoulders you must also consider the sleeves. Take the sleeves apart from the shoulder but not all the way out. Just enough to work comfortably. Same amount front and back. After you take in the shoulders you have to ease the sleeves. Meaning, you have to create a gather slightly enough to fit the sleeves back in with ease. You can do a gather with two lose stitches in the sleeves seam and pull the threads for an even gather. Pin, pin, pin and sew away. You are more than welcome to e-mail me and I’ll be happy to take a look at what is going on with the rest of your dresses. I happen to be a dress lover like you and truly enjoy your blog for some time now. All the best, Debora

  5. Perhaps you're getting under bust wrinkles because your bust darts are too low (the fullness of the bust landing in the wrong place for you.) Take note of where the apex point lands on the pattern, does it match yours? Here's two links which should be helpful for moving those darts:

    I'm in no ways a fitting expert, just another dressmaker who struggles with getting bodices to fit! Actually it may be worth considering trying a small bust adjustment if you're generally finding the whole bust area too big. It could explain the pointy dart thing:

  6. love this one, too nice to keep just for best xx

  7. This dress is beautiful, I really love the print!

    Maria xxx


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