Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wednesday Wants

Ooops!  I know it's no longer Wednesday but I was poorly yesterday and didn't notice that it hadn't published - Blogger you suck!  I love this time of the year, we are approaching Halloween and Bonfire night and that means we are on the home straight to Christmas and which means SEQUINS!!  I bloody love sequins.  I'm not brave enough to attempt to make myself a sequin dress, those things wreak havoc with sewing machines and I don't fancy spending ages cutting them out of the seam allowance either.  I made do with metallic fabrics last year but I might have to crack out one of my favourite sequin dresses for the party season.   I am also very tempted by this asos number, it is perfect. What you can't see from this photo is it's made up of two separates, the skirt is attached to a vest and then the crop top bit you wear over the top is separate - think of the possibilities!!  I think I might just have talked myself into needing this dress.

 Dress: Asos

I love high necklines and long sleeves so absolutely adore this dress by Kiss The Sky.  I love the colours and the print too, nice and folky with a nod to the 70's.  Best bit is it's only £35, what a bargain.

 Dress: Asos

I assumed this was a skirt when it first caught my eye, on closer inspection it's actually a dress made to look like separates.  Not too sure about that bit but the skirt bit is gorgeous.  An easy way to bring a bit of sparkle into the workplace but would look just as good for a night on the tiles.

Dress: Asos



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