Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Wednesday Wants

Brrrr! Hasn't it been a bit chilly the last couple of days?  I have gone straight from not necessarily needing a coat to full on winter coat complete with snood.  Think I am about ready for the black opaques too, winter is most definitely coming.  I had best get ready!

I absolutely love the simplicity of this dress, it just looks so cute without being overly fussy.  I love the pointy collar, makes a nice change from Peter Pan collars.  The sleeves obviously get a big thumbs up from me too!  Perfect dress for kicking around in that will look ace with a pair of opaques.

 Dress: asos

Another pretty simple dress this time from Boden.  It comes in a few colours but I think pink has to be my favourite.  The skirt looks really full and like it hangs well, perfect for both work and play.

 Dress: Boden

I saw this on the Closet Autumn/Winter campaign and totally fell in love.  I know I really don't need any more coats but it's purple.  PURPLE!  And it has an awesome full skirt.  It's basically just beautiful and I am totally heart eye emoji all over it.  Swoooooon.

Coat: Closet



  1. That Boden dress is beautiful and so swooshy!

    Maria xxx

  2. The first dress is awesome.She looks so pretty & cool. I like it.

  3. Beautiful dresses, great selection!!

    Lynda | DylanQueen


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