Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Wednesday Wants

My timeline is full of love for October and that surely can only be because it means Halloween is on it's way!   I spent the early part of Halloween last year with my then 2 year old nephew handing out sweets to all the kids in the neighbourhood (there were swarms of them!) followed by an adults only trip to the dungeons at Warwick Castle.  Wouldn't say it was that spooky but it was good fun.  Haven't decided what I am going to wear yet this year, I made this dress last year and I also have this one though I wore it yesterday so it's not just for Halloween, hehe.  I love wearing themed clothing even though I really hate fancy dress, a spooky Halloween dress is a must and I intend on wearing Christmas themed dresses from at least December 1st to the 25th again this year.

There are some awesome Halloween-esque goodies from Lazy Oaf again this year, I wore a skull dress to the awesome #lookscary three years ago (THREE YEARS AGO?! that's crazy!)  I love how they are obviously Halloween when worn on actual Halloween but cute enough to wear any other day too.  I really think KatyMitten should get the cat leotard, it has a tail and everything!

 Dress: Lazy Oaf

 Leotard: Lazy Oaf

Another dress you could get away with wearing outside Halloween is this black number by Worn By.  It's got glossy printed bats and spiders and cats all over it and I love how the flared sleeves make it that much more witchy.  Worn By have a number of Halloween themed dresses and tops and they are all 50% off, result!

 Dress: asos

I have decided whatever dress I end up wearing I really need a pair of Halloween tights!  I have my eye one two pairs, maybe I will wear both dresses with coordinating tights - one for the day and one for witching hour!  Now to find my Crown and Glory witches hat and buy hundreds of sweeties to fill up that cauldron...

 Tights: asos

Tights: asos



  1. Oh wow, those spider tights? Need! I seem to be going through a bit of a tights phase at the moment.

  2. I might have got some cat shoes from ASOS last night... I had to! ;) These are all lovely x

    Christina Marie -

  3. STOP IT. Look Scary was not three years ago! Oh god where has the time gone?!

  4. To be honest, I am not into Halloween at all but the second cat jumper is adorable!x


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