Friday, 2 October 2015

Rainy Day Blues

Another day, another coat to share with you!  I really do need to clear out some old coats though, my coat addiction is almost on par with my dress addiction but they are so much heavier and harder to store - any storage tips?  I was torn between a couple of coats, there are so many lovely raincoats on the Joules website at the moment.  I almost went for this polka dot perfection, it's so cute.  This coat packs a pretty punch, not only is it 100% waterproof and half fleece lined for added warmth it is also bloody beautiful.  It doesn't quite cover all of the skirt though I have yet to find a raincoat that is both long enough and wide enough over the hips to allow for my full skirt without being way too big on top.  I went for a bigger size in this coat to allow my skirt a bit of freedom and stop it trying to ride up my hips when it is done up and it has worked.  It has an inner drawstring to allow you to pull it in at the waist and give it a bit of shape, I have done this slightly as I found if I pulled it tighter the front of the waist where there is no draw string bunches up when it is done up. 

I have road tested it out in the rain too and am happy to confirm it is 100% waterproof, no soggy shoulders for me!  We have been trying not to let the weather prevent us from walking and wearing this beauty has certainly helped with that.  Still not fun when walking directly into the rain!  I did spy an umbrella with a cover in Tiger Stores the other day, suggested it to Gray but for some reason he thought I was being silly.  Hehe.  I'm not an umbrella kinda girl anyway, much prefer a hood and not having to share my shelter.  The coat is really lovely quality and I am super happy with it.  Almost wishing for another excuse to need to wear it!

Coat: Joules*
Dress: Made by me using Hotsprings fabric by Cotton & Steel

I'm not the only fan of Joules in my family, my little nephew Fable loves his foxy comforter, I can't find it online now but they have this awesome fox rattle which I think I may also need to purchase for him.  Isn't he the cutest!



  1. I adore my Joules raincoat. It's seen me through torrential rain in Ireland and bloody freezing temperatures in Norway this year and I'm bone dry and toasty underneath.

  2. Well isn't Fable a little cutie eh? Must take after his auntie! Love the copy Sarah - very snazzy!

  3. This coat is awesome on you and Fable is cute as a button!

    Maria xxx

  4. Love this coat, navy and floral, a win! But they should make one with a longer fuller skirt too.


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