Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Wednesday Wants

Happy Wednesday!  I'm having a really good week this week so it hasn't been a struggle to get to hump day.  I'm feeling really bright and am not quite at the bouncing out of bed each morning stage but it is not the struggle it usually is.  I'm hoping this is a sign of things to come otherwise I will be investing a SAD lamp this winter.  I love the crisp days but do not enjoy the dark mornings and do not want to allow the gloom to set in this year.  Helping keep the gloom away this week is Asos, lots of beautiful dresses have just landed and it is love!

I am a massive fan of People Tree, any company that makes ethical clothing as gorgeous as their range is a winner in my books.  I guess since dressmaking I have been way more aware of the effort that goes into making clothing and although I guess they will have manufacturing techniques that helps speed up the process if the end result is selling for a bargain price you can guarantee the person making it isn't earning a living wage.  I really love this navy and white checked dress, People Tree dresses are lovely quality so I know it will hang beautifully and be a pleasure to wear.

 Dress: People Tree

This dress is a total showstopper!  It is made from a bonded scuba fabric so the full skirt will be pretty dramatic.  I love how it is pretty demure but creates a silhouette with such impact. 

 Dress: Asos

I think this might be one of the prettiest dresses I have ever laid eyes on.  It is truly stunning.  You wouldn't need to worry about jewellery with beauty, less is most definitely more.  It would look awesome with these shoes.  The best shoes I own!

Dress: Asos


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