Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Wednesday Wants

This seems really odd to admit, especially when just a couple of years ago it was the first thing I would do every morning upon waking - I haven't been on the Topshop website in ages.  I have had a wander round my local store a few times and found it totally uninspiring.  I'm not sure if Topshop was just having a rough patch or if my taste has changed as I have been sewing my own wardrobe but it feels a bit weird.  I used to buy about 75% of my clothes from Topshop and I struggled to find a single thing I would want to wear.  This changed when I clicked on one of their emails recently and saw an absolutely gorgeous dress.  I did nearly choke on my tea when I saw the attached price tag but it really is beautiful.  It has a 90's vibe to it with the thigh high split but in a good way.  In a way that would make me want to wear 90's fashion again.  I certainly didn't think I would ever say that!

 Dress: Topshop

I stayed a while to have a good browse of the current offering and found this dress by Sister Jane.  I would have preferred it without the flower motif but it's still a pretty special dress.  I love the mix of colours and the metallic polka dots.  Who doesn't love metallic polka dots?!

 Dress: Sister Jane

My final pick for this week also has a bit of a 90's vibe with the plunge neckline and star print.  I had a star print dress and I wore it to death.  I like how it feels a bit goth gone glamourous and could see this looking awesome at a Halloween party, very witching hour!  I'm all for pretty Halloween by the way, I don't go for all that blood and gore.

Dress: asos



  1. you wern't half joking about that price tag! Such a pretty dress though :-)

  2. Cripes. £225 for a polyester dress? Does it come with it's own wardrobe?!

  3. Man, that ASOS star dress is INCREDIBLE!!!


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