Friday, 4 September 2015

Tropical Paradise

It has been ages since I said I would share my little update to our guest bedroom.  I had grown tired of the monochrome with splashes of red and wanted to make it feel sunny, bright and frankly a bit tropical.  My pineapple obsession was getting out of hand too and I really needed somewhere to put them all so why not create my own little tropical paradise, hey.  I have kept some of the monochrome as I couldn't bear to take down the fabulous striped curtains but I think it works really well together especially when this duvet cover is on the bed.  It's amazing how much difference just changing the duvet cover and adding a few finishing touches can make to the feel of the whole room.  It now feels so much brighter and catching a glimpse as I walk by certainly cheers me up.

I tracked down the gorgeous Rifle Paper Co print first and then went colour crazy ordering co-ordinating soft furnishings mostly from H&M, I also picked up a few greetings cards to frame and ordered some awesome prints from Etsy.  Etsy is so good for artwork, I usually buy PDF artwork which I can either print off myself or get done at a local printers, saves waiting on shipping.  The cacti one was actually a pressie from Katy and fits in perfectly along with the flamingo cushion which was a pressie from Rosie, my friends have good taste.  I have to say though the best thing in the room has to be the velvet flocked pineapple lamp from George at Asda.  It is just amazing!  Unfortunately the lamp sold out almost as soon as it landed on site otherwise I would be telling you all to go buy one.

The next step is to ditch the current double bed which with the protruding foot and head-rest feels too big for the room and go for a day bed instead.  I have been looking at them on Bedstar trying to figure out which one would both look good and still be comfy for guests. So many options!  It is a shame that the double bed needs to go as it really is so comfy but it will also give us more space and mean I can move Gray's iMac in there too and in doing so create a bit more space for me in my sewing room!  Just need to figure out where I am going to store the clothes currently hiding under the bed... hehe.



  1. I love all the wall prints! So cute!

    // Oh Dollymix

  2. Where is the duvet cover from? I'm in love 😍 x

  3. It really does look cheerful! Bravo, job well done!x

  4. This is such a lovely room, I love how tropical it looks!

    Maria xxx

  5. But that bed is soooo comfy! *sobs*

  6. (This is kind of like hearing that when you move out to uni your parents are going to turn your old room into a gym).


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