Friday, 18 September 2015

Review - Tefal Garment Steamer

The thing I like least about sewing is the ironing (sorry, pressing!) involved.  I absolutely hate ironing though when sewing it is more therapeutic than it is come laundry day.  Taking your time to press each seam and dart really does make a big difference to the resulting dress.  I invested in an awesome Tefal steam generator iron about a year ago which has almost made it enjoyable.   Plus I get a free steam facial on most sewing days!  I use mostly 100% cotton for my dresses, it is lovely to work with and nice to wear but boy does it like to crease and crumple.  I find it difficult to get the same ironed look once a finished dress has been worn and washed, some bits are impossible to iron without ironing in a crease on the other side - it's a constant battle to get both bits of fabric crease free.   Some fabrics just crumple way too much for me to be willing to wear them again which is really annoying when you have spent several hours making the dress.  As much as I hate ironing I can't bear creased clothing.

I think I have just found my saviour!  Tefal have kindly sent me their Access Steam garment steamer to test and boy do I love it.  It heats up in just 45 seconds and generates 22g/min of steam, there is a lot of power in this little hand held device.  Just hang up your dress and you're away and it doesn't only get rid of creases it also refreshes and sanitises too.  It comes with a brush attachment which helps open up the weave and allow the steam to penetrate, it's fun watching the creases disappear with just a little brush of steam.  To turn on the steam you push a button which you can then slide to lock meaning you don't have to keep your finger on the trigger whilst steaming.  Little things make it a joy to use, having had to try and dry my hair with a hotel hairdryer that demanded I kept my finger on the button I know how much difference this feature makes.  It's small enough to take away with you too, I use dress carriers rather than fold my dresses into a suitcase and risk creases and now I don't need to worry.

It won't replace my iron and ironing board but it will make things much easier, the bits that are impossible to iron can now be steamed whilst hanging - no more ironing in creases.  Bits of the bodice which get a bit crumpled after washing but not actually creased now look freshly pressed, some bits are so hard to iron without ironing in creases at the same time.  Plus I can easily remove the creases out of the back of skirts from sitting on them all day without having to wait over 5 minutes for my steam generator to heat up.  It is so simple yet really effective.

The first photo shows the back of my dress all crumpled after wearing

In this photo I have quickly steamed the left hand side leaving about a quarter of the skirt untouched so you can see the difference.  This took only a few seconds, you just brush the garment steamer down the fabric and the creases disappear, like magic only more fun!



  1. That's pretty cool! I detest ironing so I'd consider this!!x

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  3. ooooh handy! Perfect for when you have loads of dresses crammed in a wardrobe too. You can just get this out before you leave the house xx

  4. This is genius.... she says whilst there is two weeks worth of ironing staring at me :( x

  5. Oh, this looks like a great idea - I've got so many dresses crammed in each wardrobe that they are creased when tghey come out even if they're ironed before they go in.

  6. That's a really handy tool! I frequently travel and unpacking my shirts always pisses me off since everything is crumpled no matter how neatly I fold them! I think this will do the job for me - it's lightweight, isn't it?

    1. It is pretty lightweight but a bit bulky, not sure I would have room in a suitcase for it but I guess it depends on the size of your suitcase!

  7. Great review, i would definitely buy this for my mothers birthday, i hope she will like it!


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