Monday, 28 September 2015

Made By Me #165

Happy Monday.  The weather turned out to be beautiful this weekend which rather annoyed me as I wanted to wear my yellow coat!!  I had to make do with my yellow shoes but it's not quite the same.  I am so looking forward to the colder weather, I need to purchase a pair of cute gloves but otherwise I am ready.  I really loved these gloves I had a couple of years ago but am thinking that these ones will look so much better with my yellow coat and black snood.  I am a sucker for anything cutesy but they are so good as well as being cute, touch screen gloves that actually work and mean you don't end up with cold hands.  It seems all of my glove and pyjama needs are met by Esprit, haha.

I haven't had much time for sewing recently, I whipped up my last dress just over three weeks ago.  I really love the colours of the print and the retro shaped trees which Gray has decided look more like lollipops.  I can kinda see what he means though they defo look like trees to me still.  I am hoping to fit in some sewing time this week, I no longer have the sofa bed in my sewing room and it feels so much lighter and brighter.  I have had a little dance around in all the new space, it feels awesome!

I am really liking my hair in these photos, not often I get a good hair day.  I had it cut into a graduated bob a few weeks ago and a colour refresh last week.  Though what you cannot see is I really suck at curling the back under, it usually curls a bit under, a bit out and a bit straight.  Anyone got any tips for someone who is useless with hair?  I can't even use a round brush cos I get it tangled in my hair (have had to cut one out more than once so no more!)

Dress: Made by me using First Light Glade fabric by Cloud 9
Shoes: Clarks x Orla Kiely

I'm trying to share my new eyeshadow with you all here, not the best attempt but you get the gist.  Paige was wearing it when we went to Betty's Tea Party and I really loved the way it looked on her and wanted to try it myself.  I have hardly worn eyeshadow for the past 5 years so this is a big deal for me.  It's the pinky copper colour in the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 palette.  I picked it up from Superdrug for a whole £4.  The colour payoff is pretty good, only thing I am not keen on is the fact it is in a palette.  I don't really wear eyeshadow that often and it is a lot of bulk to my make up bag when I only use one colour - anyone recommend something similar that I can buy individually?



  1. I'm rubbish at hair too, have you tried straighteners to curl it under?
    For eyeshadows maybe look at either Mac Expensive Pink, or Mac Honey Lust, google swatches to see whats closer. Its a pretty colour :)

    1. That's how I do the sides, still can't do the back. Haha. Thank you, I will get myself to a mac counter asap.

  2. Haha Oh Grey! I can kinda see where he is coming from though.. But they still look more like trees to me!

  3. Hi there, Wow you made that! That amazing. <3

  4. You look lovely here, I love that print and i is definitely trees, not lollies!

    Maria xxx

  5. As always you do such a wonderful job of sewing and pick out the perfect fabrics. You always look so put together and so stylish - I throughly enjoy reading your blog and can't wait to see your next creation.

    1. Thanks so much, lovely to read :)


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