Friday, 25 September 2015

I've Got Sunshine

To celebrate their latest TV ad, Freemans got in touch recently wanting to send out a pamper pack and asking how I spend my free time.  One of the things I am not very good at is pampering myself, I prefer a shower to a bath and my skincare regime is very basic.  I set aside one evening to put the pamper pack to work, I ran a bath, smeared my face in the mud mask and finished off giving my toes a coat of OPI Miami Beet which is a really lovely colour.  Even though I get my fingernails done
professionally I always paint my own toenails as I can't bear people touching my feet!  I did feel nice and relaxed but I still don't think it is something I would commit to doing on a regular basis.  

So how do I spend my free time?  Obviously quite a large chunk of it is set aside for dress making.  I make the same pattern each time so it is really relaxing and I know at the end of it I will have a pretty little dress to wear.  I also really enjoy watching TV, I like to watch soaps like Eastenders and Holby City along with any Marvel series.  I cannot wait for Agents of Shield to return! One thing I really love is going for a walk with Gray after work.  I especially love it now Autumn is here, it gives me an excuse to wrap up warm and lets face it who needs actual sunshine when you are wearing sunshine in coat form?!  Walking has improved my fitness dramatically, it gets me off my bum and out in the fresh air and it means Gray and I get 45 minutes quality time every single day.  Okay maybe make that 40 minutes, I do still have occasional glances at my phone but for the majority of it we are free from other distractions.

Freemans kindly sent me this absolutely amazing yellow coat and a snuggly black French Connection snood to help me wrap up warm while I'm out walking.  Another benefit of the yellow coat is as the nights draw in I won't need to worry about being spotted in the dark! I have decided everyone needs a yellow coat by the way, look how awesome it is.  It's going to be bringing the sunshine even on the dullest day.  I have managed to wear it on a couple of evenings so far, it's not quite cold enough during the day yet.  It's lovely quality and I love the way it works with the knitted snood. 

Coat: Freemans*

The tag line for the campaign is 'the best things in life are Freemans' and you can view the ad over on their homepage now.



  1. I just love this! Makes me so excited for the autumnal weather, but I love how you've kept everything so bright and happy too xx

  2. Yep, I absolutely love this!

  3. Ah Sarah no wonder you fell in love with that coat. It's such a stunning colour and looks great on you!

  4. That's gorgeous!! I have a yellow raincoat and it is Amazing how cheery it makes you.x

  5. That looks radiant on you & picking the yellow flowers from the dress

  6. I have the same hair colour as you and I would never have expected yellow to work but it really, really does! So cheerful, I love it.

  7. This coat is just divine on you, I love how cheery it is!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love this outfit.It's perfecto.You look great in yellow.Not many people do! ❤️��


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