Monday, 14 September 2015

Betty's Tea Party

I cannot tell you how excited I was when Betty's got in touch to invite me to their first ever bloggers tea party. As you well know I am a huge fan of both cake and tea and am never one to turn down either.  Plus it meant I got to spend some time chatting with some favourites as well as meeting some lovely new folk to add to that list.  I really love Betty's, Gray and I spent some time in the one in York recently and the one in Harrogate a couple of years ago.  Plus their sister company is Taylor's of Harrogate and they make the best tea ever.  Their Yorkshire Tea is my brew of choice and they also make my favourite green tea which I used to have to travel to Birmingham to buy.  You can now order teas and various sweet treats, including many of cakes, online.  Perfect to create your own tea party which is exactly what we did at the event.  The venue was laid out beautifully on arrival, we were greeted with champagne and had time to catch up before we were thrown in the deep end and our piping skills were well and truly tested.

We watched an expert demo which made it look oh so easy but believe me it's not.  It didn't help that we were using teeny piping bags without nozzles and I am still pretty happy with the result even if I did have to go over my name twice.  Didn't make the cake taste any less awesome though.  Speaking of which I have a confession to make, I thought I didn't like fondant fancies and wasn't planning on eating them.  Hungry on the train home I decided to tuck in and boy was I wrong.  They are delicious! Turns out I just don't like mass produced fondant fancies.  I know exactly what I am going to be ordering from Betty's.  YUMMY.

After laughing at our piping skills we were put into teams and given a box of goodies to create our own tea party with.  We were Team Cupcake though the box didn't actually contain any cupcakes. 

We decided to go for a cutesy set up and helped ourselves to a variety of pastel coloured props provided by Betty's.  The props table was a delight to look at.

We unwrapped the contents of our box and set about making it all pretty before tucking into the various treats.  There were lots of mmmm's coming from our table!  Everything tasted as good as it looks, especially the chocolate mice.

I'm not sure which team created this display but I love how understated and elegant it is, the total opposite to our girly feast.

We came home with happy tummys and a box of goodies so I got to recreate it on Sunday for Gray, I promise I did share!

Thank you so much for having me Betty's, it was awesome.



  1. Oh wow, this looks like such a fun event! I've only visited the Harrogate Betty's once, but it was pretty great!

  2. It sounds delectable! You are a very lucky girl!

  3. ..lady! I still think of myself as girl!!!

    1. I still refer to myself as a girl, lady just seems too grown up ;)

  4. This looks amazing! Betty's has been on my to visit list for an eternity!

    My Sentimental Heart



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