Friday, 21 August 2015

Made By Me #156

Sometimes something unexpected happens when you turn fabric into a dress, most of the time I have a pretty good idea what the resulting dress will look like but this one took me by surprise.  I knew I would like it, the colours are awesome after all, but I didn't expect to look at it on Violet and go wow!   The fabric was sent to me by The Stitchery along with the matching thread and zipper.  I took it out of the envelope and thought 'yep, good choice Sarah' then popped it in the washing machine ready and mentally planned to wear it with my yellow Orlas and my treasured Tatty Devine bee necklace.  So here we are and it is all looking rather fab together if I do say so myself.  My yellow Orlas were a wise investment, they go with so many of my dresses and get loads of comments when I wear them, I guess not everyone owns a pair of yellow shoes.  Though I certainly think they should!

I'm hoping to free up some more time this weekend for some sewing, it really does feel awesome to get back behind my sewing machine after a little break.  I need to hurry up and decide on my holiday wardrobe so I can make up any I want to wear.  One thing is certain, this beauty is coming with me!

Dress: Made by me using Folk Song by FreeSpirit*
Necklace: Tatty Devine (similar)



  1. This dress looks fab on you!
    I really like the blue & yellow pattern of the fabric.

  2. Gorgeous dress!Great colors on you. I know I don't comment much but look forward to your blog posts.XOXO

    1. thanks so much, that's lovely to hear!

  3. I love this dress and those Orlas are gorgeous!

    Maria xxx


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