Monday, 17 August 2015

Made By Me #155

Happy Monday!  I had a much needed chilled weekend filled with sewing.  I have been pretty exhausted recently and ended the week with a head cold and some kind of bug that stopped me in my tracks.  I had intentionally slowed down with the walking having decided that my body needed a bit of a break but my body obviously had other ideas and decided it was perfect timing to break on me.  I am feeling a bit more human today thankfully.

There was a time when grey filled my wardrobe over navy but I just don't seem to come across many grey fabrics that I love.  This one is obviously the exception!  The fabric is apparently felt tip strokes but looks like sprinkles to me.  No cupcake or frosting here, just loads of sprinkles.  I love the mix of colours and obviously that the dress looks fab with my yellow Clarks x Orla shoes.  They have been getting so much wear even though I thought I would wear them less than the pink ones it is the other way round, they look great with so many dresses.  I am so excited about the Autumn Winter collection that is landing soon, think it might be my favourite yet.  I need this pair and this pair for starters!  I had such a lovely weekend spending some time sewing, I really missed it but didn't have either the time or the energy for it.  Now I just want to sew everything, so many amazing fabrics so little time.

Dress: Made by me using Felt Tip Fabric by Blend*
Pattern: Emery by Christine Haynes 



  1. Quite like those pink Amelia ones.

  2. I like the material, it is pretty! Can I ask you how many yards/metres of material you need to make an Emery dress like yours as I want to make one but not sure how much fabric it takes! I've ordered 4 yards of 44" fabric so hoping that is ok! I love those Orla shoes- I saw the pink ones in the sale but sadly they were not my enormous size!x

    1. Hey love, hope you are well. I buy either 2.5 metres or yards of 44" wide fabric to make mine, I need about 2.25 metres in total and I cut the skirt 24.5" long. If I made it sleeveless I could get it out of 2 metres easily so four yards will be more than enough. I am so glad I managed to get the yellow Orlas and for half their original price though I am not sure I can hold out for the sale for the sparkly shoes!!

  3. Ooh I love this fabric... The shoes look great too, I tried to get some in the sale but couldn't find in my size! Next time maybe!

  4. This looks lovely, love the dress!!!

    Shay | MissyDress


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