Tuesday, 18 August 2015

In Bloom

I don't often get sent flowers so when a big bouquet arrived at work everyone wanted to know who they are for and who sent them.  I've never had so many questions over a delivery to work and I was quite tempted to pretend they were from a mystery admirer!  The flowers are just stunning, my favourite combination of purple and white with the additional extra white jug added to the order as they look like they are made for each other.  Never underestimate the power a flower delivery, it certainly bought a smile to my face and brightened my otherwise very Monday day.  The fact that a free box of choccies came with the order too obviously had no influence ;) 

The flowers are still going strong over a week after arrival and looking glorious in my living room.  The lovely folk at Blossoming Gifts have kindly offered up a discount code for you guys, you can save 33% off a bouquet (excluding the 'Flowers by Post' range) using the code BGIFTS33.  The bouquet I received is called Summer Meadow* and works out to just over £23 including standard delivery with the code.



  1. Oooh, I had these as well. I've had to throw the roses but the rest of them are still going strong, which is pretty amazing!

  2. Ah such beautiful blooms Sarah. Can't wait for mine to arrive now!

  3. These ones are gorgeous, I chose the Summer Garden bouquet! Love the deep purple hews x

  4. Those are gorgeous! I love fresh flowers, not only do they bring a little life into the room, they make amazing blog photo models hehe! Very pretty indeed!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. This place looks so lovely!!! Really beautiful bloom!!


  6. So beautiful, thank you for sharing.


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