Monday, 31 August 2015

A Visit To Warwick Castle

You often find that you take the attractions in your home town for granted, I have tried not to let that happen with Warwick Castle as it is a lovely day out even if it is on our doorstep.  We usually end up visiting at least once a year and really love walking around the beautiful grounds, probably more so than visiting the exhibition within the castle which is filled with wax works, some of which are a little creepy looking!  We last came for Halloween last year where we did a spooky tour of the dungeons, perfect for fright night.   We had a lovely day wandering around, the sun came out to see us and the rain stayed away for the whole day, what more can you ask for?!

The view of the River Avon from the Mill House is really special, you can see the remains of the old Castle Bridge here and the beautiful garden in Mill Lane which is also worth a visit.

We watched the jousting, it was no A Knight's Tale though, were is the Heath Ledger type?!  It was enjoyable even without the eye candy, the setting is glorious.

We had a wander through the peacock garden and I managed to get a sneaky photo without the peacock peacocking at me.  They are noisy things these peacocks and I have to admit I have the fear!   I'm sure you'll agree the peacock topiary is pretty impressive too.  There is a tearoom situated here with tasty looking cakes if you need a mid trip pick me up.

We took in the beauty of the rose gardens and cooled off in the ice pits located in the garden, I'm sure it says you can store ice in the pits for a couple of years.  Who needs electricity, hey! 

However my favourite view of the castle will always be the view you get for free when passing over the bridge on the A425.  I am lucky enough to see this almost daily and never tire of it, it's just stunning.

We were treated to a trip to Warwick Castle courtesy of #DoMoreWithAvios.  You can collect points from your purchases including every day things like grocery shopping and filling the car up to travel which you can then turn into awesome treats such as a day out, afternoon tea or you can use them in the more traditional usage to book a flight.  The campaign Avios are currently running gives you the chance to spend your points on family or friends too, now to find someone with loads of points who fancies booking a flight to somewhere it's not raining...

If you fancy a trip to Warwick Castle and don't have any points to spend make sure you check out 2 for 1 deals before you go, you can usually find an offer on the back of a cereal packet and people even sell the tokens on eBay for a pound or so.  An adult ticket is currently priced at £24.60.



  1. Ah I'm still yet to make it to Warwick Castle. Hopefully soon!

  2. Oh it looks delightful! Your photos are super! Sarah, can I ask you please, how much material would I need to make an Emery dress with 43" width fabric? I've got my work colleague to bring me back some exciting material from Joann's fabrics in the US and I was thinking of making a long-sleeved dress (hoping I don't ruin it!) x

    1. Hi Kezzie, thank you! I use about 2.25m for an elbow length sleeve Emery, it depends on how long you want the sleeves and the skirt though. I make the skirt 24.5" so it hits me on the knee. If you start with 3 yards you should have plenty of fabric and can then work out how much you'll need going forward. Happy making!

  3. I remember camping out on the peacock lawns which was pretty cool. Although obviously our trip to the Proms was the best visit :)

  4. I love Warwick Castle, was a regular visitor with the 2 for 1 vouchers when I used to live nearby. The gardens were always my favourite part too! x


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