Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wednesday Wants

First and foremost I need to tell you that I got my yellow Clarks x Orla shoes!!  Yayyyyyyy!! I decided that if they still had my size by the time they went down to 50% off I could have them so when they did I placed my order as fast as I possibly could to secure my pair.  I finally have yellow shoes and I am very excited about this.  There are still quite a few of the Orla styles available at the moment and they all have 50% off.  I promise I haven't put this wishlist together with my yellow shoes in mind.  Okay maybe I have... hehe.

First up is this lovely dress from MaryJane Fashion, a wholesale fashion company.  I love that although the yellow in the print is subtle it would work really well with the shoes.  I cannot get enough of navy at the moment and love the cute bow - will be so cutesy with my new shoes.

Apologies for picking the armpit shot, it really was the best photo to show off this pretty dress - honest!!  I tend to stay away from lighter colours but think this dress is stunning.  I have a yellow cardigan so can be all matchy matchy with my Orlas.

 Dress: asos

This Boden dress has such a lovely retro vibe about it.  It is the perfect length and I really love the neckline.  Obvs yellow!  The colour palatte is quite unusual and I really love how the colours are blocked.  Boden have some lovely prints in their new collection.

Dress: Boden

Are you sick of hearing about my new shoes yet?!



  1. I was eyeing up that EXACT Boden dress over the weekend! So so pretty! I also really like the Asos pick, would be perfect for my upcoming holiday!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. That Boden dress is amazing!x

  3. I like asos dress, so cute and beautiful.

  4. Never fed up of hearing about shoes. Glad I didn't realise about the Orla sale and now the ones I like have sold out. That's a good thing. I love the bow on the first dress, but not the neckline.


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